Week 10 – #9 – Drops of Water

9 - Drops of Water

Rain Rain Go Away – Come Again Some Other Day.


With all the rain we have been getting on the sun coast of Florida, we are getting a bit water logged.  I am posting this a little early for week 10, but I am hoping that by posting a photo of looking out of my lanai cage at all the rain drops, they will start to dry up and we can get back to going outside without an umbrella.  You can see a little bit of sunshine glistening on the drops on the screen, so hoping that it will continue – though I am currently surrounded by thunderheads and otherwise very dark clouds with just a small amount of sun shining through.


Week 9 – #36 – Right Place at Right Time



Manatee Art Center – Paint the Town @ Quick Draw res20140927-IMG_6844_7D





While I was out walking around looking for things to fit our themes, I found myself down at the Bradenton River Walk.  On Saturday, Art Center Manatee was having an event – Paint the Town @ Quick Draw – which allowed the artists to paint their vision in 2 hours.


I walked around and looked over their shoulders as they painted.  Painting is not something that I know anything about – except for painting a wall or a house.  I found myself seeing a number of different perspectives to the view of the area.  These painters opened my eyes to some new photographic opportunities.  Now they can leave out things that we would spend hours in photoshop trying to remove, but I am always looking for a new angle (perspective) to use.

As you can see by just the couple of photos I posted, there was the variety of ideas.  The bottom is a panorama of as many of the resulting paintings that I could fit in.  There was quite a turn out for this event.   The gentleman in the maroon shirt was the blue ribbon winner.

They did not have anyone there to photograph the event, so I volunteered a number of my photos for them.   I would say – I was in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Week 8 – # 44 – Someone Working

44 - Someone Working  (2 of 4)

44 - Someone Working  (4 of 4) 44 - Someone Working  (3 of 4) 44 - Someone Working  (1 of 4)

These guys were getting ready for the 11:00 Train Ride which would include a robbery by the Hole in the Head gang (with a nod to the Hole in the Wall Gang – that included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. )  The train is being protected by the US Marshals, and surely the gang would not be full hardy enough to try to rob the train with them on board.  Ha.  Gunfire will be loud.  Be prepared (taking photographs while rifles going off makes me jump).

If you have not been to one of the acting troops at the Parrish Train Museum, you should.  It is located at  Florida Railroad Museum, 12210 83rd St. E.  It is not a long train  ride – only 6 miles, but with all the action they make it fun.

There is a pumpkin festival ride  (All Aboard for the annual Pumpkin Patch Express! This popular trip takes you to our patch of pumpkins. Children are invited to pick their own pumpkin to take home. Everyone is also invited to participate in the hay ride, Lincoln log building, crafts and other activities offered at no additional charge!)


the North Pole Express

December is quickly approaching, bringing the North Pole Express along with it. This extraordinary train excursion will be departing from the Parrish station for three weeks this December. Carolers onboard the train will be entertaining you on your journey to and from your destination. Please request your favorite holiday song and sing along on this very special night. Santa will be expecting you at the North Pole when you arrive, so be sure to visit him while you are there. Also enjoy all of the other wonderful activities that are included in the ticket price. You will be able to make Reindeer Food that you can take home
with you. Enjoy the toy activity tent and the model railroad display. Listen to a great tale in the storytelling area. Pick up some hot chocolate and cookies, and enjoy them around a cozy bonfire while you gaze at the multitude of lighted displays. Christmas comes to life at the Florida Railroad Museum. We hope that you will join us on a magical train ride to see Santa at the North Pole .


and there is also avon Kessinger’s Express  in November. (June, 1944. France. Allied troops are quickly approaching General von Kessinger’s camp. If your papers are in order, you will be permitted to escape with the General onboard his train racing across the French country side as French Resistance, U.S. and British give chase. Will the General evade Allied capture? Be sure your papers are in order before finding out – the Germans will be checking for spies!)

Learn a little about trains in Florida’s history and have a fun event.  Its just up the road from us.


Week 7 – # 14 – Four Letter Word

14 - Four Letter Word

I wanted to do something a little bit different for my submission for a “four letter word”.  Instead of photographing a four letter word on a sign somewhere, I thought I would be a little more creative and photograph the letters in the four letter word from things I see – not just signs.  This is a lot harder than I originally thought.  Finding certain letters is tough.  R is a lot harder than I thought and I had a different e but should I say, I thought I had, as under inspection, the photo did not stand up.  And the bugs found me, which I will be suffering through for the next couple of days until this itch subsides.  I still like the process and might do it again.

Week 6 – #21 – It Happens Over Time


This is the now closed St Pete Pier.  Time has not been kind to the supports for the pier.

It was called the inverted pyramid of five stories of shops, restaurants and an aquarium that drew many tourists. Not only for all the offerings inside the building, but also for the fishing and the views of St. Petersburg, FL from the top of the structure.  It was built in 1973  Now due to structure deterioration of the sub-structure, the pier is closed.  The city planned on demolishing it and building a new “lens” structure which is very controversial.  In August 2013, there was a vote to stop moving forward on “the lens”.

This site has been the host for a number of piers – starting with the Railroad Pier in 1889, then replaced with the Electric Pier in 1906 which extended 3,000 feet into the bay.  The Electric Pier was replaced in 1914 with the Municipal Pier which was severely damaged by a hurricane in 1921.  The Million Dollar Pier was dedicated in 1926 which had a casino.  It was demolished in 1967 and the site remained vacant until the Inverted Pyramid was built in 1973.  So what is next for the pier? We will have to wait to see what St Pete’s residents decide.  I am missing the restaurants and the views from the pier, but at least now you can walk around it and people are fishing from it again.

Week 4 – #20 Impression of Art

20 Impression of Art

Gulfport, FL is a quaint little town.  This past Saturday, they held their Annual Geckofest.  It was a collection of vendors with their art work, crafts, etc that you find at street festivals, and they had stages with bands playing.  I went with Diane early so as to avoid as much of the heat of the day, so we missed the themed dress – which this year was Roaring 20’s.  It would have been nice to see them, but with the threat of rain, and the heat, it was too much.  But I digress.

This horse is on one of the side streets just off the main street in Gulfport.  With all the iron work, I selected this statue of the horse as my entry for Impression of Art.  I will probably go back when it is cooler and submit more on just Gulfport, as there are decorated homes and gardens making this a nice place to visit.