Week 4 – #20 Impression of Art

20 Impression of Art

Gulfport, FL is a quaint little town.  This past Saturday, they held their Annual Geckofest.  It was a collection of vendors with their art work, crafts, etc that you find at street festivals, and they had stages with bands playing.  I went with Diane early so as to avoid as much of the heat of the day, so we missed the themed dress – which this year was Roaring 20’s.  It would have been nice to see them, but with the threat of rain, and the heat, it was too much.  But I digress.

This horse is on one of the side streets just off the main street in Gulfport.  With all the iron work, I selected this statue of the horse as my entry for Impression of Art.  I will probably go back when it is cooler and submit more on just Gulfport, as there are decorated homes and gardens making this a nice place to visit.


18 thoughts on “Week 4 – #20 Impression of Art

  1. Yes it is Terry, and this is in an artist corner on the main drag of the town, where a micro burst struck a year or so ago that damaged some of the shops there. I was surprised the horse survived.

    1. It is right on the water, with a view of Don Cesar in the distance, so you have harbor views, and then the artist side of Gulfport itself. And all the places to eat/drink. There have been some car shows there as well. So yes you should go, but you could do it in pieces since it is so close so do a little and enjoy the food. Can you tell I am retired yet? I now look at things a lot slower. lol

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