Week 7 – # 14 – Four Letter Word

14 - Four Letter Word

I wanted to do something a little bit different for my submission for a “four letter word”.  Instead of photographing a four letter word on a sign somewhere, I thought I would be a little more creative and photograph the letters in the four letter word from things I see – not just signs.  This is a lot harder than I originally thought.  Finding certain letters is tough.  R is a lot harder than I thought and I had a different e but should I say, I thought I had, as under inspection, the photo did not stand up.  And the bugs found me, which I will be suffering through for the next couple of days until this itch subsides.  I still like the process and might do it again.

38 thoughts on “Week 7 – # 14 – Four Letter Word

    1. I wish I could say I created this idea. But there are a couple of photographers out there that do this and sell these. Not sure who originated it but they deserve the credit. I just walked around trying to find letters using their basic idea.

  1. preed913

    very clever and so beautifully presented – love the “s” !! – a friend of my daughter-in-laws did this for a wedding present – going round their old college and taking photos that spelt her last name – it really is difficult – I believe you!

    1. Thank you. Oh I believe they had a hard time though if you include the scrolls on fences you get better S and C. I really wanted to do it all with plants but the R was not cooperating. If I spent more time and went more places, I am sure I would have found it.

  2. You just caused me to flush my idea down the drain. As a matter of fact, Mike and I were out looking for “letters” yesterday. We found a T, Y and U. Love what you came up with.

    1. Please don’t flush your idea. Go for it. I do not think that because someone used an idea that it is now closed to everyone else. Everyone takes a different perspective and I would love to see what you come up with for whatever theme.

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