Week 9 – #36 – Right Place at Right Time



Manatee Art Center – Paint the Town @ Quick Draw res20140927-IMG_6844_7D





While I was out walking around looking for things to fit our themes, I found myself down at the Bradenton River Walk.  On Saturday, Art Center Manatee was having an event – Paint the Town @ Quick Draw – which allowed the artists to paint their vision in 2 hours.


I walked around and looked over their shoulders as they painted.  Painting is not something that I know anything about – except for painting a wall or a house.  I found myself seeing a number of different perspectives to the view of the area.  These painters opened my eyes to some new photographic opportunities.  Now they can leave out things that we would spend hours in photoshop trying to remove, but I am always looking for a new angle (perspective) to use.

As you can see by just the couple of photos I posted, there was the variety of ideas.  The bottom is a panorama of as many of the resulting paintings that I could fit in.  There was quite a turn out for this event.   The gentleman in the maroon shirt was the blue ribbon winner.

They did not have anyone there to photograph the event, so I volunteered a number of my photos for them.   I would say – I was in the Right Place at the Right Time.


21 thoughts on “Week 9 – #36 – Right Place at Right Time

  1. I wishi knew about this one. And you had enough sunshine for the event too. I have friends in from NJ and we hit it pretty well between storms…evennhavingmsunset in the river Thursday night, and beach time Friday…until tonight’s bigger storms. We are lucky to have so many good,events close to home.

    1. Check the Art Center Manatee website – they have their events listed.

      I did not know this until after the event. Yes, we do have some good stuff to do all around us. Have fun with your friends.

  2. Sue, They were lucky to have you volunteer your time for them. In your fourth image, I believe they are using my first tripod, a Velbon, as an easel stand. I have not had it out of the bag in years, perhaps I should see if I could sell it. Gary

    1. Ahh – check my facebook page for more photos. I sent them to the art center for their facebook page, but they wanted them sent to a lady and it might be a day or two before they post since the email address they gave me was wrong.

  3. I would say the artists were in the right place at the right time to have you stroll by and offer your very talented services! Lucky them! And by the way, I know many people (my husband!) would disagree with me, but I see many similarities in artists who paint the same scene and photographers who do the same. I do see photography as an art. How else can the same scene turn out with many different angles, perspectives, compositions, etc.?

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