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Week 10 – #9 – Drops of Water

on September 30, 2014

9 - Drops of Water

Rain Rain Go Away – Come Again Some Other Day.


With all the rain we have been getting on the sun coast of Florida, we are getting a bit water logged.  I am posting this a little early for week 10, but I am hoping that by posting a photo of looking out of my lanai cage at all the rain drops, they will start to dry up and we can get back to going outside without an umbrella.  You can see a little bit of sunshine glistening on the drops on the screen, so hoping that it will continue – though I am currently surrounded by thunderheads and otherwise very dark clouds with just a small amount of sun shining through.


33 responses to “Week 10 – #9 – Drops of Water

  1. shelby1120 says:

    You chose a nice time where it just looks painterly. My screen is looking solid grey most of today.

    • Sue Karski says:

      I have been waiting – a few minutes later the sky turned orange but in less than 2 minutes it was/ is black again. No more sky just clouds. I wanted the water running down the screen and then did some topaz plug-ins to touch it up a bit.

  2. tnwaltz says:

    Another nice shot from a very simple subject.

  3. hydragirl818 says:

    Very nice shot! I hope your view gets a little drier in the coming days.

  4. preed913 says:

    clever! – i like it.

  5. Nice shot, I love the framing!

  6. gwong1 says:

    Sue, It has been more like buckets of rain. Very nice. Gary

  7. Rebecca Chavez says:

    Would you be kind enough to send that rain to California!!! It is beautiful!

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thanks – I would if I could. We got over 10 inches in the past week – and we are still 3 1/2 inches below normal for the year, which is alot more than California would dream of getting.
      Only a 50% chance today but the clouds are already sliding in to fill in most of the sky. I do not think I can get any photography in this afternoon again – for the rain.

  8. regarding the rain, from your lips to God’s ears. regarding the photo – I love it.

  9. George says:

    Super effect Sue. I like the idea.

  10. Mindy Towns says:

    Cool, it almost looks like a texture overlay because the view behind the water drops is so well composed. 🙂

  11. karenelee says:

    Please…send it our way. Rain rain go away, Come my way to the San Francisco Bay.

    • Sue Karski says:

      My friend from Southern California asked the same, I wish I could since my favorite – Yosemite has been burning and if I could, I surely would send it out there.

  12. I like the framing and the topaz plug-ins. You make it all look so simple. A great art!

  13. debivance says:

    Awesome shot…has a great effect.

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