Week 14 – #2 Below the Knees

2 - Below the Knees


This extremely well fashioned ankle belongs to the young lady who modeled at the Halloween Open Studio shoot at Photo Experience in Sarasota last night, Alex.  She was dressed in a couple of outfits – one being a genie – and she was standing on these unreal high heels, that had to be at least 6 inches.  My feet hurt just looking at her.  When I asked her if I could photograph her shoe, I noticed the gold tattoo on her foot.  Her other outfit included another pair of high heels, that were almost as tall as these.  Alex is a very talented and lovely model and we were glad she was available for the photographers who participated in the Halloween Themed Open Studio Shoot.


Week 13 – # 19 Horses and Humans

19 Horses and Humans - 2

The theme of horses and humans – normally includes horses, but there was no rule that said the horse had to be alive or real.
I give you two photos – one starting out with Horse on a Stick    or Stick Horse and rider.    On closer look its a unicorn  with Kristy Alderman Bain trying not to get bucked off.  One brave lady.  
19 Horses and Humans
And the Winner of the best costume was Anna Williams and Erik (who wasn’t told he was a zebra for the day).  Eric was checking out the trophy and I didn’t want to miss his close-up so unfortunately you are not seeing his stripes.  (of course, he prefers it that way….. hard to explain back at the barn).

Thanks to Anna, Kristy, Eric and the unicorn – the participants in the Manatee Horse Show Association for setting these shots up for me.

Week 12 – # 18 Holiday Spirit

18 Holiday Spirit 2
18 Holiday Spirit 3
18 Holiday SpiritWe are coming into the start of the Holiday Season.  Harvesting is wrapping up and preparations for the big Thanksgiving and Christmas have already begun.  But…before those glorious family gatherings, we have Halloween.  I am offering up some photos taken at the Fruitville Grove October festival of the Halloween preparations. Pumpkins everywhere and scarecrows. Celebrate the Harvest – the pumpkins are bountiful.  A very colorful time as people are now starting their decorating for All Hallows’ Eve, which is the vigil preceding All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day (aka Feast of All Souls).  On All Hallows’ Eve, candles were placed on the graves and a number of Christian religions required abstaining  from all meats, which is why the pumpkins and squash came to prominence  with their harvesting time matching along with apples, cider, and potato pancakes.

If you are interested in more history of this celebration – I am going to ask you to check out a friend’s blog – Ed Mooney – from Ireland – with his detailed information on Irish tradition of Halloween – about Jack O’Lantern. –