Week 13 – # 19 Horses and Humans

19 Horses and Humans - 2

The theme of horses and humans – normally includes horses, but there was no rule that said the horse had to be alive or real.
I give you two photos – one starting out with Horse on a Stick    or Stick Horse and rider.    On closer look its a unicorn  with Kristy Alderman Bain trying not to get bucked off.  One brave lady.  
19 Horses and Humans
And the Winner of the best costume was Anna Williams and Erik (who wasn’t told he was a zebra for the day).  Eric was checking out the trophy and I didn’t want to miss his close-up so unfortunately you are not seeing his stripes.  (of course, he prefers it that way….. hard to explain back at the barn).

Thanks to Anna, Kristy, Eric and the unicorn – the participants in the Manatee Horse Show Association for setting these shots up for me.

30 thoughts on “Week 13 – # 19 Horses and Humans

    1. Thank you Susan. Most have been real close to home. I do have a couple that are on the other side of the state, which hopefully will be found to be interesting – will see.

    1. Thank you. Yes silly woman and as I saw her run out there she reminded me of my mother who would have done the same thing and she made me laugh. Anna and Eric were spot on cute – and I had my lens pointed in the right place to catch that look and timing. You never really know when an animal is going to react and you just try and hope. Eric came through perfectly.

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