Week 14 – #2 Below the Knees

2 - Below the Knees


This extremely well fashioned ankle belongs to the young lady who modeled at the Halloween Open Studio shoot at Photo Experience in Sarasota last night, Alex.  She was dressed in a couple of outfits – one being a genie – and she was standing on these unreal high heels, that had to be at least 6 inches.  My feet hurt just looking at her.  When I asked her if I could photograph her shoe, I noticed the gold tattoo on her foot.  Her other outfit included another pair of high heels, that were almost as tall as these.  Alex is a very talented and lovely model and we were glad she was available for the photographers who participated in the Halloween Themed Open Studio Shoot.

29 thoughts on “Week 14 – #2 Below the Knees

    1. Oh and even she agrees – as she either sat down or changed her balance when not posing. I do not know how she could even stand. That high a heel throws your back in another direction altogether.

    1. Well these tattoos are temporary – they are glued on I believe. They have them as bracelets or arm bands and ankle bands and in this case little gold hearts n a short string. So you might enjoy these tattoos.

    1. George, its called demands of fashion. If men had to wear these things, I think they would not be made. I also vote 100% for sandals as they are so much easier on the feet and back.

  1. I love the way high heels look and if I could wear them without pain or falling down I’d have a closet full of them. thankfully for my purse my feet can’t hack them, and I rarely ever dress up enough to need the look.
    Your photo gives me foot envy.

  2. Julie Z

    I would probably kill myself in these! My hat is off to her and to everyone else that wears them! Great idea for “below the knee.”

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