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Week 17 – #37 Rows and Rows of ..

Very Expensive Cars….

37 - Rows and Rows of-3


some of you know that I wait until I can get clean shots, but just so you know that there were people there – (ha, I was because I liked the dog)…37 - Rows and Rows of-2

37 - Rows and Rows of-1


Photography is patience,   this one took almost 15 minutes to get it without people either sitting or standing next to this pair…..37 - Rows and Rows of-4


Lakewood Ranch was the host site for the Horsepower for Hope Luxury Car Show.  This was a fundraiser for The Center for Building Hope which is located in the Suncoast – Lakewood Ranch,  a non-profit organization providing free psychological and educational services for cancer patients and their families.

This show had rows and rows of very expensive cars – Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Jaquar, Corvettes, power Fords, an Aston Martin, and more.




Week 16 – # 29 On Two Wheels

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014 –
Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

29 On Two Wheels - 9

I was pleased to be asked by James Corwin Johnson – Photo Experience to photograph the Gulf Coast Cyclefest that started and ended in Lakewood Ranch last Sunday.  It was the 40th Anniversary of the Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club and the Gulf Coast Cyclefest and there were hundreds of riders.  Back when this started they only offered the 100 mile course.  Now there were four separate distance lengths with the shortest at 20 miles and the longest 100 miles.  Riders were all ages and they rode all kinds of cycles.  I started by taking photographs of them starting out on their trek.

I then moved to Lakewood Ranch Blvd to try to get them coming back.  Sometimes they came one at a time and other times they came in large groups and fast.    I was using a longer lens and had it in the portrait orientation – and when some of the riders noticed the camera they flashed a thumbs up or a wave or in this case – they tried to pull together for a threesome – unfortunately they were too close and I did not have time to re-orient the camera fast enough to get them properly.  That is one of the issues photographers have to think about/deal with when dealing with large groups.  I was caught not ready.  They sure looked good for riding all those miles.  And ALL SMILES.

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014

Gulf Coast Cyclefest 2014


Something for me to remember.  People are unpredictable and I need to be able to switch to landscape orientation faster.   And I thought photographing wildlife was tough.  But I think we have some nice photos with the Big Smiles as they finished their rides.


Week 15 – #41 Single Color on Black and White

41 - Single Color on Black and White

For this theme, I picked one of the most colorful decorated buildings in Ybor City, FL, the Columbia Restaurant Building.  This is actually the end of the building where the cigar store is located.  The restaurant is to the left, and I had wanted a photo of their doorway, but there were numerous people standing there getting their photos taken, including a wedding party.  The ornate tile have blue, green, orange, yellow and white to name just a few of the colors,  decorates the the front of the building offset with the white poles and lattice work.  The sign is red, yellow and blue. So I selected the Red from the sign and the cigar wrapper logo and Columbia sign in the windows.  To make this easier, I used channels to select the red channel and used it as a mask so I did not include all the oranges in letting the color come through.