Week 15 – #41 Single Color on Black and White

41 - Single Color on Black and White

For this theme, I picked one of the most colorful decorated buildings in Ybor City, FL, the Columbia Restaurant Building.  This is actually the end of the building where the cigar store is located.  The restaurant is to the left, and I had wanted a photo of their doorway, but there were numerous people standing there getting their photos taken, including a wedding party.  The ornate tile have blue, green, orange, yellow and white to name just a few of the colors,  decorates the the front of the building offset with the white poles and lattice work.  The sign is red, yellow and blue. So I selected the Red from the sign and the cigar wrapper logo and Columbia sign in the windows.  To make this easier, I used channels to select the red channel and used it as a mask so I did not include all the oranges in letting the color come through.


20 thoughts on “Week 15 – #41 Single Color on Black and White

    1. Thank you. I love the building with all the colorful tiles, the lattice and the white columns. Not to mention I love eating at the Columbia and miss the one that used to be on St Pete Pier. You will have fun with this theme.

  1. Beautiful job. I haven’t seen the building in person, but you can tell how decorative it is and would imagine the tiles are very colorful. Is this the same restaurant that has a large spot on St. Armends?

    1. Thank you – and yes it is. Though I have not seen the building in St. Armands and do not know the architecture of that one. The one in St. Pete was on the Pier so the architecture was controled by the pier. The one in Ybor city has Flamenco Shows which you pay extra to see.

      1. The Columbia in St Aug is lovely, fountain in courtyard, interior brick walls, etc. funniest thing was large portraits on the wall of the owners dressed as royalty! I wish now I had taken pix of that, but we were hungry!

      2. I need to get up there – only ever drove by St Augustine. The one in Clearwater has a fountain inside the restaurant – but I didn’t have my camera with me.

  2. I love this theme because everyone’s photos are very interesting. The Columbia is a colorful restaurant and now I will think of it in Red! I haven’t figured out how to do this theme tho.

  3. rebecca

    Oh come on Sue, why didn’t you use your foot with the red toe nail that we did in N.Y.
    Ha ha, just kidding. I love this photo. I bet the building is beautiful in all it’s color.
    The tile really looks ornate.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Ha Ha – that was taken with your camera and your camera’s option of one color selection. My camera doesn’t do that and I could not use that photo (other than I didn’t take it – because it was taken prior to 8/1/14. )
      You would love this restaurant – will have to take you (to one of them – they are all over Florida) when you get back out this way.

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