Week 22 – # 5 Butterflies And/Or Bees

5 Butterflies-1

My entry for Butterflies.  I can’t tell you which variety they are, but they are colorful and they pose nicely for me to get a photo. No chasing after them waiting until they open their wings.

5 Butterflies-2

5 Butterflies-5 5 Butterflies-4 5 Butterflies-3

Tonight Diane and I  took a drive up to Largo to the Florida Botanical Gardens.  We arrive just before the sun set and we started walking around the gardens.  The gardens host Holiday Lights.  As we started walking around, the lights were slowly showing. The sky was getting darker and the gardens came alive with lights.

If you have not been, this is a nice place to walk around and will be available even on Christmas Day.
Holiday Lights in the Gardens every evening. In addition to laser lights, flora and fauna displays and decorated trees, a seven-foot gingerbread house with more than 600 lights, a 3-foot tall white swan and a five-foot tropical parrot have been added to the tradition array of light-lines paths with nightly free entertainment and visits from Santa Claus.

They have entertainment, with snack foods and hot chocolate.
Nov. 28, 2014 – Dec. 31, 2014
5:30 – 9:30 p.m.
$4 donation
(13 and older)

   12520 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33774
(727) 582-2100


5 Butterflies-7


Here is a view of the cactus garden.

5 Butterflies-6


And to all of you – Happy Holidays.


Week 21 – #8 Differences

Back in the first year of these challenges, I had posted this photo of the side of a building in St Pete.  This is how the wall looked – they had not touched it up.  It had just been uncovered as they tore down another building that was built touching this building.  This wonderful painting was hidden for years.  Right below what I have included were piles of bricks from the salvage. You can see some missing bricks in the lower left corner.

Change of TimeAnd now I have gone back and they have repainted this wall.  This is what it looks like now.  Unfortunately I could not take it from the same angle as there is now a wall blocking off the new parking lot and plants next to the wall.

Personally, I think they should have just sealed the bricks and not repainted it.  The red bricks are now painted white.  The Coffee shop is still there, but the old phone box is gone.  It has lost the historical value in my mind. 13 - Differences


Week 20 – #43 Solitary

43 - Solitary-9
and no I couldn’t just give you one photograph.  There are members of Circus Sarasota showing their stuff.43 - Solitary-8 43 - Solitary-7 43 - Solitary-6 43 - Solitary-5 43 - Solitary-4 43 - Solitary-3 43 - Solitary-2 43 - Solitary-1

These beautiful young ladies were performing by themselves either on ropes or ring or silk bands at the grand opening of the Sarasota Ford dealership. Their aerial poses are created solely by what they do without any intervention from anyone else, hence why I picked them for the theme Solitary.  What I cut out (in most of them) was that the frame  that their device connected to was just above the roof of a number of cars setup in the parking lot.  When one finished, they would bring down the center and they would change out the rope or ring for the next young lady.  There were mustangs of various years all around the back lot and these ladies were just behind a brand new yellow mustang that they were raffling.   These young ladies are very talented and did a wonderful job of entertaining the crowd of people who were waiting to see Nik Wallenda perform.
OK, no more pictures from this event for themes… on to the next photo opportunity.

Week 19 – #38 Selfie

38 - Selfie-1

38 - Selfie-2

Well, you really didn’t think that you would get me to do a selfie did you?

Now walking a wire is one thing, but he makes it look easy – so much so that he stopped to do this.   At Nik Wallenda’s walk over the grand opening of Sarasota Ford, he managed to stop and take a selfie.  If you look closely at the cropped shot you will just about see a face with a white boundary above the face (that is the reflection of the dealership).

Week 18 – # 30 One Step at a Time

30 - One Step At a Time-3

30 - One Step At a Time-2

30 - One Step At a Time-1

30 - One Step At a Time-4

Now who can demonstrate “One Step At A Time” better than the man who makes walking a high wire easy – Nik Wallenda.   This evening he walked over the grand opening of Sarasota Ford and then cut a ribbon opening the dealership.  Now compared to walking over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon  and even between buildings in Chicago, this was a “cake walk”, but even so, when the wire moved, he stopped and waited until it settled.  He was still quite a ways up over the dealership.  I believe they said he was 100 feet up and the wire was 500 ft across – stretched between two large cranes.  And if it was more than 2 feet above the ground, you wouldn’t find me up there.  (maybe when I was younger – but not now).

Notice he has 4 GO Pro camera on his pole.  I never saw that before, but then again, I never looked closely at his pole.  What I do not have in these photos is a shot of the drone that flew above him during the walk.