Week 18 – # 30 One Step at a Time

30 - One Step At a Time-3

30 - One Step At a Time-2

30 - One Step At a Time-1

30 - One Step At a Time-4

Now who can demonstrate “One Step At A Time” better than the man who makes walking a high wire easy – Nik Wallenda.   This evening he walked over the grand opening of Sarasota Ford and then cut a ribbon opening the dealership.  Now compared to walking over Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon  and even between buildings in Chicago, this was a “cake walk”, but even so, when the wire moved, he stopped and waited until it settled.  He was still quite a ways up over the dealership.  I believe they said he was 100 feet up and the wire was 500 ft across – stretched between two large cranes.  And if it was more than 2 feet above the ground, you wouldn’t find me up there.  (maybe when I was younger – but not now).

Notice he has 4 GO Pro camera on his pole.  I never saw that before, but then again, I never looked closely at his pole.  What I do not have in these photos is a shot of the drone that flew above him during the walk.

24 thoughts on “Week 18 – # 30 One Step at a Time

  1. I still have not caught him in town, always something else going on. He is bringing the famous Wallenda family back to Sarasota. I worked with his Uncle Mario who was injured in the pyramid fall, what a gentleman. Great shots as usual. Gary

    1. Thanks Gary. Wow, that is neat. I am going in Feb to see him and the family in one of those performances. I do not know if cameras would be allowed at those performances – it is not like doing them out in the outdoors, as they will be in a tent and normally there are restrictions on photography.

    1. I am not sure which one was more heart stopping – Niagara with the water spray or Grand Canyon with the depth and length or Chicago with the winds and angle. Thank you – I wanted to show him laughing and he was looking around at the crowd and talking to everyone.

    1. Thank you. He is something to see. I don’t know if he will go “across the pond” but he had walked the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and between skyscrapers in Chicago in the past couple of years, so nothing would surprise me..

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