Week 19 – #38 Selfie

38 - Selfie-1

38 - Selfie-2

Well, you really didn’t think that you would get me to do a selfie did you?

Now walking a wire is one thing, but he makes it look easy – so much so that he stopped to do this.   At Nik Wallenda’s walk over the grand opening of Sarasota Ford, he managed to stop and take a selfie.  If you look closely at the cropped shot you will just about see a face with a white boundary above the face (that is the reflection of the dealership).

32 thoughts on “Week 19 – #38 Selfie

    1. Thank you. I would be afraid to take my phone up on a wire like that. I jump when my phone rings. The other thing would be I might drop it. And when I drop things I tend to reach for them to try to catch them….doesn’t sound like a good idea for him.

    1. Thank you. You are too funny. If it wasn’t for Diane I might not have gone. The crowd was not too bad and parking was easy. The key was to go early as they had other performers to see and free food and drink. We walked around and then sat down inside the dealership until it got close to the time. We walked outside and found a spot to stand. I had a longer lens so I stayed back and Diane went up closer. She got to see a couple of performers that we in the back could only see their feet when they stood on their hands. Lol

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