Week 20 – #43 Solitary

43 - Solitary-9
and no I couldn’t just give you one photograph.  There are members of Circus Sarasota showing their stuff.43 - Solitary-8 43 - Solitary-7 43 - Solitary-6 43 - Solitary-5 43 - Solitary-4 43 - Solitary-3 43 - Solitary-2 43 - Solitary-1

These beautiful young ladies were performing by themselves either on ropes or ring or silk bands at the grand opening of the Sarasota Ford dealership. Their aerial poses are created solely by what they do without any intervention from anyone else, hence why I picked them for the theme Solitary.  What I cut out (in most of them) was that the frame  that their device connected to was just above the roof of a number of cars setup in the parking lot.  When one finished, they would bring down the center and they would change out the rope or ring for the next young lady.  There were mustangs of various years all around the back lot and these ladies were just behind a brand new yellow mustang that they were raffling.   These young ladies are very talented and did a wonderful job of entertaining the crowd of people who were waiting to see Nik Wallenda perform.
OK, no more pictures from this event for themes… on to the next photo opportunity.


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