Week 21 – #8 Differences

Back in the first year of these challenges, I had posted this photo of the side of a building in St Pete.  This is how the wall looked – they had not touched it up.  It had just been uncovered as they tore down another building that was built touching this building.  This wonderful painting was hidden for years.  Right below what I have included were piles of bricks from the salvage. You can see some missing bricks in the lower left corner.

Change of TimeAnd now I have gone back and they have repainted this wall.  This is what it looks like now.  Unfortunately I could not take it from the same angle as there is now a wall blocking off the new parking lot and plants next to the wall.

Personally, I think they should have just sealed the bricks and not repainted it.  The red bricks are now painted white.  The Coffee shop is still there, but the old phone box is gone.  It has lost the historical value in my mind. 13 - Differences


29 thoughts on “Week 21 – #8 Differences

  1. Sue, Nice shot and story. As it most often happens in Florida we do not know how to preserve historical value. The wall looks nice if you did not know what it looked like prior to the repair and repainting. Gary

    1. Gary, Thanks. I was so surprised when I saw the colors in the original. I rushed up there when Chuck Vosburgh, a professional photographer that teaches at Morean Art Center, said they had just demolished the wall and uncovered it. At that time, no one was sure what they would do and we wanted to capture it as it was at that moment in time.

  2. judymarina

    Yes, too bad they repainted, but at least they did not tear down the building, and you have preserved what the wall originally looked like. That photo may be well sought after at some point! Nice job photo-journaling this Sue 🙂

  3. tnwaltz

    I wish we would have known they were going to re-paint it. We could’ve formed a protest … hey, why not? People protest over all kind of things today. Like the others who responded, I loved the old painting and wish it had been kept. I’m glad you took the photo of the old wall.

    1. At least we can feel that some of history is stored in that the painting, even if it was redone, is still on the building. They could have felt it was out of place and removed it completely.

  4. If the building had been on a list of historical places I don’t think the changes would have been allowed, just preserved. So sad. From your first photo the signs looked still so colorful and in a fairly good state. Our society is so geared to making everything look so perfect instead of preserving.

  5. Diane shelby

    Of course the original is better and more meaningful. But at least they did not sit paint the wall a solid color which would have lost all the historical meaning. We need a good photographer on the architectural committee of that community now!

    1. Not sure that a photographer on the committee would help. It is just a couple of blocks from the Morean Art Center and it was called to my attention by a professional photographer that works right there. At least they are keeping the historical ad. There are a few of them around St Pete, so I suspect they feel that repainting to bring it back is sufficient.

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