Week 27 – # 35 Rocky Waterscapes

35 - Rocky Waterscapes (1 of 1)

This is the waterscape that is outside of the new development Artisan Lakes.  The stone covered waterfall captured my eye with the flowers in the lower edge to add interest.  I then processed this using Topaz Impressions – Cave Dweller II for the effect.


Week 26 – #51 When the Wind Blows

We have a lot of activities that happen when the wind blows.  I wanted to share two of my favorites.

The wind was blowing today – and I stopped at the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park to watch the kite surfers.  Here is a set of one of this young man’s jumps today using the wind.  This is what happens when you just hold down the shutter button – you end up with over 18 photos of the jump.  I left out a few.  This was one of the lower jumps – some where well over 20 feet in the air. Putting these together is a lot of work and if you follow along with your lens to keep the activity in the center of your image – then putting these together becomes even more difficult and the sky changes color as the activity moves.  So this is not the best way to accomplish this. So I am learning.  But I thought I would show my first attempt.

52 - When the wind blows - (3 of 1)The weekend of January 17th,  hosted the 18th Annual TREASURE ISLAND SPORT KITE CHAMPIONSHIP as part of the annual Treasure Island Kite Festival.  51 When the wind blows

People come for this festival from up and down the east coast.  There were a number of kites flying and the competition ran for 2 days.  I took a couple of images of this one kite and made a triptych of it.
Though I didn’t see it, there is supposed to be kites that fly with lights after dark.  I had hoped to photograph that, but we had made a dinner reservation on the beach and it was time to go and when we came back out afterwards there were no kites flying – dang.

Just to show that there were kites flying I am including the following image, which was taken just before the competition started.

51 When the wind blows -2

Week 24 – #4 Bright Idea

4 - Bright Idea
Solomon’s Castle is my entry for Bright Idea.  4 - Bright Idea -14 - Bright Idea - 2Evil Kornevil

4 - Bright Idea - 44 - Bright Idea - 3
Howard Solomon is a self taught artist who works with recycled items to create his art.  He bought some land in 1972 with the idea of building a large one floor design for his art.  Unfortunately, when the rainy season came, he found that he was going to have to go up and not out.  Out of this came a castle, which is covered in old aluminum print plates.  This makes for a very reflective building, so it is best to visit when there are clouds.  Inside the castle is his home as well as the studio.  They conduct tours through the art explaining what things were used to create the art.  Howard does welding, and wood working along with a number of other crafts to create the whimsical art.

He also built a boat in a moat which is a restaurant and a lighthouse. And since the lighthouse was built he hasn’t lost a boat (its in a moat).

A bright idea to use old items, recycling them into art.

Week 23 – #23 Lamp posts

23 Lampposts

As I was starting to write this post, I realized that I was doing week 23 with item 23. I did not plan this, and with the Christmas ribbon on the post, I thought best to use this now, and not wait until Easter – though I could have changed the ribbon color…..  OK now with that revelation out of the way….

This lamppost is in the parking lot of Solomon’s castle which is located in Ona, FL.  I liked the wreath and ribbon dressing on the post which is what sold me on it for the theme.