Week 23 – #23 Lamp posts

23 Lampposts

As I was starting to write this post, I realized that I was doing week 23 with item 23. I did not plan this, and with the Christmas ribbon on the post, I thought best to use this now, and not wait until Easter – though I could have changed the ribbon color…..  OK now with that revelation out of the way….

This lamppost is in the parking lot of Solomon’s castle which is located in Ona, FL.  I liked the wreath and ribbon dressing on the post which is what sold me on it for the theme.

22 thoughts on “Week 23 – #23 Lamp posts

  1. Someone mentioned that he might be rich, having a castle. But Mr Solomon recycles everything and that’s part of the fun of the tour. The tour takes you to see the living quarters inside the castle. Imaginative yet humble.

  2. Solomon’s Castle is a strange place. I would pass on the indoor tour and just enjoy the outside with a bit of lunch by his “boat in the mote”. Love the framework around your photo, too.

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