Week 24 – #4 Bright Idea

4 - Bright Idea
Solomon’s Castle is my entry for Bright Idea.  4 - Bright Idea -14 - Bright Idea - 2Evil Kornevil

4 - Bright Idea - 44 - Bright Idea - 3
Howard Solomon is a self taught artist who works with recycled items to create his art.  He bought some land in 1972 with the idea of building a large one floor design for his art.  Unfortunately, when the rainy season came, he found that he was going to have to go up and not out.  Out of this came a castle, which is covered in old aluminum print plates.  This makes for a very reflective building, so it is best to visit when there are clouds.  Inside the castle is his home as well as the studio.  They conduct tours through the art explaining what things were used to create the art.  Howard does welding, and wood working along with a number of other crafts to create the whimsical art.

He also built a boat in a moat which is a restaurant and a lighthouse. And since the lighthouse was built he hasn’t lost a boat (its in a moat).

A bright idea to use old items, recycling them into art.


35 thoughts on “Week 24 – #4 Bright Idea

  1. I am fascinated by this type of art. When we did the scrapyard field trip in Nov 2013, I really wanted to take some of those very cool parts for projects that popped into my head while photographing. Great shots…bright idea!

  2. Beautiful shots, wonderful presentation. Thanks for the back story on Solomon, Chris and I have been heading out there for a while now, but never seem to make it. Looks like we must redouble our efforts.

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