29 thoughts on “Week 27 – # 35 Rocky Waterscapes

      1. Ron, you are too kind. I call my photography – Photographic Arts because I do not limit myself to just one narrow view of photography. I believe you can use the tools to create your expression of art. Topaz has a lot of products to help you enhance a photo. Sometimes it is only to brighten lights and other times it is to convert it into looking like a painting. It’s Art. Have Fun.

    1. Thank you – They had a couple of other waterscapes all built with rocks – but the wind was blowing too hard to photograph them at the time I went out there.
      Yes, Try impressions – it has some very nice effects and I love the fact that you still have sliders to make it your own, stronger or weaker, or colorized or whatever. It is the best painterly effect plugin that I have seen.

  1. I have Impressions but really have not had time to play around with it much. It’s on my “to do” list after I get caught up with “work” … you know, the kind of activity that brings in a paycheck. 🙂

    1. Wishing you the time to play. I sort of remember those days with that 4 letter word and so glad it is now behind me. Though I enjoyed the paycheck. Me – work = more relaxed and stress free. May your day come soon.

    1. It is on a 16 x 20 mount now and it retains the tapestry look. It will be hanging in a show in Sarasota for the next month.
      I do recommend this topaz plugin – though know that it is not for judged events as they are not ready for stylized images, but it does win a lot of popular votes.

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