Week 27 – # 35 Rocky Waterscapes

35 - Rocky Waterscapes (1 of 1)

This is the waterscape that is outside of the new development Artisan Lakes.  The stone covered waterfall captured my eye with the flowers in the lower edge to add interest.  I then processed this using Topaz Impressions – Cave Dweller II for the effect.

29 thoughts on “Week 27 – # 35 Rocky Waterscapes

      1. Ron, you are too kind. I call my photography – Photographic Arts because I do not limit myself to just one narrow view of photography. I believe you can use the tools to create your expression of art. Topaz has a lot of products to help you enhance a photo. Sometimes it is only to brighten lights and other times it is to convert it into looking like a painting. It’s Art. Have Fun.

    1. Thank you – They had a couple of other waterscapes all built with rocks – but the wind was blowing too hard to photograph them at the time I went out there.
      Yes, Try impressions – it has some very nice effects and I love the fact that you still have sliders to make it your own, stronger or weaker, or colorized or whatever. It is the best painterly effect plugin that I have seen.

  1. I have Impressions but really have not had time to play around with it much. It’s on my “to do” list after I get caught up with “work” … you know, the kind of activity that brings in a paycheck. 🙂

    1. Wishing you the time to play. I sort of remember those days with that 4 letter word and so glad it is now behind me. Though I enjoyed the paycheck. Me – work = more relaxed and stress free. May your day come soon.

    1. It is on a 16 x 20 mount now and it retains the tapestry look. It will be hanging in a show in Sarasota for the next month.
      I do recommend this topaz plugin – though know that it is not for judged events as they are not ready for stylized images, but it does win a lot of popular votes.

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