Week 29 – # 42 Skyline Panorama

42 Skyline Panorama

For this theme, along with others, I chose Sarasota.  I didn’t go the night of the Lakewood Ranch Camera Club as it was so overcast with a chance of rain, but the following evening when it was supposed to clear up in the late afternoon with Diane and Sue.  As you can see, it didn’t.  We did get sunset shots as the sky did open to the west.  This was taken about 40 minutes before the moon was to rise and right after sunset with the sky still covered with clouds that lent a more dramatic sky.  I used Topaz Glow to add some drama to the highlights in the building, and finished it with topaz adjust to add the winter colorization, which brought up the blues and greens.  The wind was blowing so hard, that even with my heavy tripod, I needed to use my body to try to block the wind.

29 thoughts on “Week 29 – # 42 Skyline Panorama

  1. Great shot Sue! We missed you all at the field trip! We did some improvising and did some light painting in place of a full moon. I’m sure some members will be showing what they came up with during ‘show your work’ next week. It is so cool to see how different everyone can interpret the same shot!

    1. Thank you. I had planned on going (later towards moonrise – as the early start was too early for me) and with the overwhelming chance of rain(it was raining at my house), I elected to skip. The kind of light painting I do is different than what you did. It does sound like everyone had a good time and didn’t get wet – and that is all that matters.
      I have seen a couple of posts on facebook from some of the people and I am looking forward to seeing more from the group.

    1. Thank you George. Sarasota has a better skyline, but Bradenton still has some distinct photographic places as well. I enjoy living close to both of them and St Pete and Tampa as well.

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