Week 30 – #12 Fences and or Rails

12 Fences and or Rails (1 of 3)


Feet Up –

12 Fences and or Rails (2 of 3)


Hands Up – or Film it12 Fences and or Rails (3 of 3)

I selected the rails from the Montu ride at Busch Gardens Tampa for this theme.  These huge rails hold the thrill seekers as they catapult around a track that sends them into loops, dives and curves.  No longer do you just sit in a seat with a simple lap bar. Current day coasters take many forms starting with the traditional seating but with shoulder harnesses and  some that suspend the riders so their feet are free and others suspend the riders in a horizontal position (aka Superman position).  The feeling of weightlessness is one I used to enjoy.  I look upon these rides and miss those days, but these rides only give me headaches now so –  the Thrill is Gone.
Notice the guy in the back seat in the last photo has his little camera and he is filming the ride.

20 thoughts on “Week 30 – #12 Fences and or Rails

    1. I love watching people at the park. I was standing with my tripod taking the photos – with the people “face up” and seeing the non-coaster friends and family only taking photos which would have gotten them feet up. This was the first time, I didn’t have people trying to put their camera, iphone or ipad in front of my lens. I actually felt compelled to tell some to come stand by me so they could get their friends/family’s faces and not just their feet. I did get to talk to a number of people from other countries as see them as they were enjoying the park/rides.

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