Week 31 – #27 Musical

27 Musical

Here is my interpretation of the theme musical.  All those many years ago, I used be pretty good at woodwind instruments, being in the band and orchestra.  Lots of memories from days gone by with old friends.
Not having been played since way back when and still in my closet growing tarnish is my silver flute.  Not as straight as it used to be, but then again – neither am I.


29 thoughts on “Week 31 – #27 Musical

    1. Ahh the memories I am sure you have. All the experiences with music and the people involved are treasured. I am still in touch through Facebook with a number of the band and orchestra members.

    1. Thank you George. Getting that flute to hover while photographing (by myself) is not that easy. It tended to move off the focus point. I had to pull out that inner spell because I could not find my wand.

    1. Thank you. Sounds like if everyone still played, we could have a band. I enjoyed playing back then – and was first chair and was even the band librarian. Here is a fun side note – on one of our parades, I was playing the piccolo and was in the last row with the sousaphone players. There was a sousaphone player who was much shorter than I and after a few miles he was exhausted, so we switched instruments to finish marching.

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