Week 34 – #6 Bridge

6 Bridge

I have been planning on doing the Tampa River walk bridges for this theme for a long time.  Each time I planned on driving up, I found an excuse, too cold, too windy, too many people.  I am good at coming up with a reason. But, Diane and Sue wanted to do some night photography up in Tampa and asked me along.  I suggested a couple of spots for us to go and though this spot was supposed to be for sunset, we got distracted at another location.  I didn’t want us to miss this, so we swung by Davis Island to get this angle on a couple of the lit bridges beneath the Tampa skyline.  They are supposed to change color every so many minutes, but I think with St Patrick’s Day being only a few days before, they were left on green.  It works for me as an accent to the yellow lights.

So this is a long exposure – iso 100, 15 sec, f 11, Auto white balance, spot metering.  I then took another of my images that was taken with the same settings but at EV +1. I layered them in photoshop and selected the buildings in a layer mask as they were brighter but I wanted the darkness from the other for the two lights from the Sykes building  going up in the sky.


22 thoughts on “Week 34 – #6 Bridge

  1. Beautiful colors. This surely was worth the drive! Composition is well balanced. The eye comes in from the down left corner following the lights and then back again to see the skyline, and after that following down the violet house, so the eye is kept long in this picture.

  2. Gorgeous colors – and the color in the water – love that too. Thanks for all the details – I’ll come back and re-read when I feel I know more about masks.

    1. Thank you Patricia, this could have been one photo but I felt the buildings were too dark and I would not get the two lights into the sky, so I needed to balanced the pieces I wanted from each of the exposures. Be sure not to move your camera so they will line up.

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