Week 36 – #A3 Doors and / or Windows

A3 DoorsContinuing with my visit to the University of Tampa, I am submitting this image of the doors leading to the main hall of the Henry Plant’s Tampa Bay Hotel.  I felt the arches show the Moorish and / or Turkish style as the architecture is described.  I have also included a couple of photos of the minarets.  Designed in the style of a Moorish palace, the enormous, irregularly shaped red brick building features turrets, domes, and minarets.


20 thoughts on “Week 36 – #A3 Doors and / or Windows

    1. Thank you. Well George, now is the time. I look back and think similar about when I lived in KC and California. Water under the bridge, can’t have regrets just add to list and go visit.

    1. Thank you. I was surprised when I saw the building and then these doors. All I could equate them to was doors at Disney, since I have never been to Turkey. The hard part was trying to get the right angle not to distort them.

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