Week 44 – #24 Long Exposure

24 Long Exposure - 5

River walk-7D-00070pick your color scheme – or just wait a couple of minutes – it will change.  You want a red CSX bridge or a blue one – what about the colors below the walk – do you want blue or green  or in between.

24 Long Exposure - 2

River walk-7D-00058-HDR

River walk-7D-00095-HDR

River walk-7D-00074

From a trip to the Tampa Riverwalk with Christine and Vinnie, here are some of the images which will give you an idea of what they have there, with colored lights that change, awnings (fortunate for us since it poured), and the nice walk itself.  This is the second time I have tried the river walk and was rained on both times.  We got further this time but still not far on the walk.  Maybe the third time will be the charm.  Lightning strike was with no special equipment – just a quick finger – but Vincent Veneruso got the multiple strikes in one image which I missed.   All luck of the draw – if you were ready or not.

Most images taken at ISO 100 or 200, between 17-55 mm, AV from



Week 43 – #22 It’s a Mystery

22 Its a Mystery

OK, its all up to you.  It’s a Mystery to Me.

I saw these two people at the Manatee Reenactment today and the shape of the sign near her head like a cartoon bubble – just had me in stitches.  I blanked out what it said – as I think this one is all for the viewer to fill in what they think she is thinking.

Week 42 – #34 Patterns

34 Patterns-5

This apartment building in Tampa, with the balconies is my entry for patterns.  Between the balconies and the vertical supports there is the repeating patterns.

And I could not just skip the wonderful Florida Polytechnic University for patterns. There were so many that I could have chosen for this, but I like the pattern in the ceiling for this blog entry.34 Patterns-4


Week 41 – #A1 Blue

A1 Blue-5

A continuation of the Zoominations from Lowry Park Zoo. Starting first with a field of flowers.

A1 Blue-1



To the Blessing of Qilin.  Qulin (pronounced Chee-Lin) are mythical creatures of a good kind.   They are composite beings, often taking the head of a dragon and the body of a tiger or deer.  Peaceful, they are said to appear only where wise leaders rule.  The Qilin are ranked first among the “four spirits” (the others being the phoenix, turtle and dragon).  In this scene, four Qilin present a giant pearl as a symbol of blessings to the people.  Thousands of medicine bottles filled with colored liquid, then tied together by hand, make up this lantern.
A1 Blue-4Here is a close up of those bottles.

A1 Blue-2

Week 40 – # A5 Reflections

A5 Reflections 1

A5 Reflections 2

A5 Reflections 3From Tampa Bay’s Lowry Zoo – Zoominations – A Chinese Lantern Festival.    While I was in Auckland, New Zealand last year I happened across the Chinese Lantern Festival but only got to see a couple of the lanterns.  I wanted to be sure to see this one.  It has been in Beijing Toronto, and London.  The exhibit spanned over 26 acres in the park and included all kinds of creatures from dinosaurs to pandas to koi seen above.  The art of Chinese lanterns began in the Han Dynasty which was from 206 BC to 220 AD.  Originally used for lighting, the lanterns became an art form and began to be used in festivals.

I had to be careful when photographing these to get the reflection and minimize all the framing holding up these lanterns.  Only a slight correction in lightroom for the whites and blacks.  No additional change to saturation or vibrance.

I also was experimenting with a mirrorless camera – the sony a7r, which also has 36 megapixel.  The last image is from that camera.