Week 40 – # A5 Reflections

A5 Reflections 1

A5 Reflections 2

A5 Reflections 3From Tampa Bay’s Lowry Zoo – Zoominations – A Chinese Lantern Festival.    While I was in Auckland, New Zealand last year I happened across the Chinese Lantern Festival but only got to see a couple of the lanterns.  I wanted to be sure to see this one.  It has been in Beijing Toronto, and London.  The exhibit spanned over 26 acres in the park and included all kinds of creatures from dinosaurs to pandas to koi seen above.  The art of Chinese lanterns began in the Han Dynasty which was from 206 BC to 220 AD.  Originally used for lighting, the lanterns became an art form and began to be used in festivals.

I had to be careful when photographing these to get the reflection and minimize all the framing holding up these lanterns.  Only a slight correction in lightroom for the whites and blacks.  No additional change to saturation or vibrance.

I also was experimenting with a mirrorless camera – the sony a7r, which also has 36 megapixel.  The last image is from that camera.


20 thoughts on “Week 40 – # A5 Reflections

    1. I like the camera. I weighed by 7D with a 17-55 lens at over 5 lbs, and the sony with a 24-70 lens at 2 lbs 2 oz. A big thing when you are walking around for the day. Just not used to Sony’s controls/menu.

    1. Thank you Gary. If you have a chance it is still open until the end of May and I think you and your grand kids would love it with the pandas and dinosaurs. There are signs about what each represents.

  1. Really love these photos so vibrant and sharp – I just read above that open till end May – think if I can find someone to go with me – I will have to go. A few months ago I did a photo of corn fields which reminded many of their childhood – well THIS reminds me of mine! – it was THE biggest treat in Hong Kong when we lived there to go out at night with our little lanterns and watch people with the bigger ones – I loved the fish ones best!

  2. Great shots Sue and looks like when I get back from Key West, I’ll still have time to go. Thanks for the info about the Groupon and the closing date.

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