Week 47 – # 48 Sun Flare

48 Sun Flare

This was harder for me than I thought.  I have always spent my time not shooting into the sun, so to do so intentionally was difficult.  Not to mention, to get it to cause a flare on the lens.  I know I should have waited until late in the day and used the setting sun, but of course, that would be too easy.  And the storms we have had lately have knocked all but two blooms off my hibiscus and none on the outside of the plant with which I could use the setting sun, so here I was out to use the early morning sun and placed it behind the flower with just a hint of it peaking through the petals, since direct sun on the sensor is NOT a good thing.  I managed but then no flare, so I had to put a filter on my lens to cause the sun to bounce between the filter and the lens.  The result is what you see above, shooting up towards a hazy cloudless sky which caused the background to turn to a whitish grey with the sun just behind peaking between the petals of the flower and the new buds.

18 thoughts on “Week 47 – # 48 Sun Flare

  1. It’s beautiful. I know what you mean about having trouble. I spent three or four days going for my shot. Some things are worth going after again and again. Your narrative reminded of that important fact.

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