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Week 48 – # 28 Natural Beauty

on June 24, 2015

28 Natural Beauty

Since I was asked to post in a separate challenge 3 flower images a day I went to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida to capture some of the interesting flowers in bloom there in early June.  And since you are used to me posting multiple images in my posts because I see so much to meet these themes – here is a collage of a few of them – all Natural Beauties.


17 responses to “Week 48 – # 28 Natural Beauty

  1. tnwaltz says:

    They are indeed all beautiful.

  2. gwong1 says:

    Wow two challenges with one set of images. Great! Gary

  3. A veritable digital bouquet! Beautiful

  4. preed913 says:

    Beautiful. you get the colors so perfectly … I have trouble with some of them.

  5. piriot says:

    They are all so beautiful. Maybe I like best the left one on the second line from top.

  6. preed913 says:

    Maybe I need to be a bit more attentive to WB Sue … Sometimes there’s so much to remember!

  7. A lovely group of flowers!

  8. Beautiful flowers and colours. I like the yellow one with the bokeh in the background.
    I am sorry I have missed so many of your posts. I thought I was up to date with everyone. Glad I caught up now. I would have missed so many beautiful images!!

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