Week 52 1/2 – #52 Winter Landscapes

I am having a little fun with this since I did the 52 weeks – but it is not yet time to start the new and I can’t use any image taken before Aug 1st for next set of themes.  I really thought this is something that is just a hour drive away and many of us do not know it exists, so I wanted to post this to help make you aware of something we have not that far away.

I am selecting (tongue in cheek – because they bloom during the summer) the caladium aptly named Florida Blizzard.  So to keep with the theme which said landscape – it is about the middle of the image – one of the lighter bands in the fields of color.
52 - Winter Landscapes-2

52 - Winter Landscapes-1I drove to Lake Placid this morning hoping the rain would hold off as this weekend was the Caladium Festival there.  It started on Friday and runs through today, with car show, air boat show, swamp buggies, arts and crafts, food (lots of food), music, and of course Caladiums.  You might remember if you have been following my blog, I went there in about April and posted images of some of the murals.  Since I missed the car, buggy and air boats (they were yesterday) I thought I might be able to make it between the showers scheduled for today.  Well I was able to drive over there and walk to some of the booths before the sky opened up and I had to dash back to my car. I didn’t get to buy any and  I only got a few images, but I did get out to the fields where they plant the caladiums in  row after row of color.


Week 52 – #26 Masked

26 masked-1

Finishing up the 52 Weeks – with photos of the volunteers at the Extreme Mudwars in St. Petersburg.  It is an event held on Saturday and Sunday in July, where teams sign up to compete in various challenges involving mud such as football, tug-of-war- obstacle course, dodge ball, belly-bumpers, etc. with the money going to a local charity.  They fill lots of sand bags to encase the mud which is cleaned and sifted top soil.  Add water and voila – mud.  After the events, there is a second event later in the week for teenagers.  When that is complete they break down the sand bags and till the top soil into the area above Spa Beach where grass will be sown.  It will have a wonderful new lawn that will last until the next year when some event will cover it up again.  What a job – and that mud stains.  (mine took 4 hours soaking and 2 washes to get the stain out).  Let’s hear it for the volunteers.

26 masked-2

26 masked-3

26 masked-4

Thank you for following this 52 week photo challenge.  I hope I entertained you with some different interpretations or views of other places this year.

A whole new 52 week photo challenge starts soon (August 1) – with all photographs that were taken after August 1 only, so all new themes and new adventures to begin next week. I am still working on selling the house, so there might be an interruption or two when that happens, but I will be back on it as soon as I can.  Photography is my sanity check and allows me to still be creative.

Week 50 – # 29 Panning

31 - Panning --1For this theme, I needed something moving. I did not want to use cars – boring. I headed to the Bradenton skate park by the Manatee Memorial hospital.  With the kids now out of school, there are plenty of kids skateboarding, cycling, and riding scooters, next to the Manatee River.  I sat on one of the supports for the bridge above and just watched the kids go back and forth. I talked with one of the mothers there (the young boy on a scooter), just to be sure they were ok with my taking photos.  This is a good place to get all kinds of photos, and to practice panning as they are zipping by you constantly, so if at first you don’t succeed, you will have another opportunity in less than a minute.

Settings –  Canon AI Servo, Center Focus, Spot metering,  TV (shutter priority), ISO 400,  70 mm lens,   most taken at 1/30th second, at between F11 and F13.   I would have preferred not having to go to ISO 400 but when you go at 7:50 PM and you only have a half hour before sunset, you are losing light quickly – but it was so much cooler than going earlier.

31 - Panning --5

31 - Panning --3

31 - Panning --2

31 - Panning --4

Week 49 – #40 Simplicity

40 Simplicity-3

40 Simplicity-2

40 SimplicitySimplicity to me is the simple beauty of flowers.  Some are a single color and all the petals are shaped the same and others are multiple colors, and then there are the ones where the flowers seem to have multiple different flowers stuck together.  But it is the simple beauty of the design that draws your eye in.