Week 49 – #40 Simplicity

40 Simplicity-3

40 Simplicity-2

40 SimplicitySimplicity to me is the simple beauty of flowers.  Some are a single color and all the petals are shaped the same and others are multiple colors, and then there are the ones where the flowers seem to have multiple different flowers stuck together.  But it is the simple beauty of the design that draws your eye in.


14 thoughts on “Week 49 – #40 Simplicity

    1. Thank you Carolyn – I had to go look this one up as I found it on a trellis in Gulfport. It is a Clerodendrum thomsoniae – Bleeding heart – one of the most spectacular blooming vines. Spectacular, dramatic flowers are slightly flat, they have white sepals on either side of bright crimson petals. The appearance may be liken to a line of dangling hearts, each emerging from the other. This plant is often seen in pots where it will abide in a continual state of flowering. As long as you provide lots of light to it, it’ll bloom most of the time.

      1. They are sold via a nursery in Ft Myers, and probably around here as well. I might think about getting one for a potted plant version since it says they can handle that.

    1. Clerodendrum speciosum (delectum) is the red bleeding heart vine. Clerodendrum splendens (Flaming glorybower) is the reddish orange one and Clerodendrum thomsoniae is the one with the white sepals and red petals. I learned so much about this particular plant. I found all the info from a nursery online out of Ft Myers that sells them.

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