Week 50 – # 29 Panning

31 - Panning --1For this theme, I needed something moving. I did not want to use cars – boring. I headed to the Bradenton skate park by the Manatee Memorial hospital.  With the kids now out of school, there are plenty of kids skateboarding, cycling, and riding scooters, next to the Manatee River.  I sat on one of the supports for the bridge above and just watched the kids go back and forth. I talked with one of the mothers there (the young boy on a scooter), just to be sure they were ok with my taking photos.  This is a good place to get all kinds of photos, and to practice panning as they are zipping by you constantly, so if at first you don’t succeed, you will have another opportunity in less than a minute.

Settings –  Canon AI Servo, Center Focus, Spot metering,  TV (shutter priority), ISO 400,  70 mm lens,   most taken at 1/30th second, at between F11 and F13.   I would have preferred not having to go to ISO 400 but when you go at 7:50 PM and you only have a half hour before sunset, you are losing light quickly – but it was so much cooler than going earlier.

31 - Panning --5

31 - Panning --3

31 - Panning --2

31 - Panning --4


26 thoughts on “Week 50 – # 29 Panning

  1. These are so good Sue. I tried one hot sunny morning to catch some of the many bicycle groups around LWR with no luck. Not sure I will end up using this theme I will write down n your settings for a future time to practice some. More.

    1. Carolyn, it is a process. This technique does take a bit of practice. I like the skate park as they are going back and forth, so you get lots of opportunities. One of the usual issues is that the follow through with the camera does not happen. People start following the object and start to click but then stop their movement following the subject afterwards. Start shooting before the subject is straight in front of you, and follow through until they are past you. The best image should be the one where the subject was right in front of you – so probably about the 3rd or 4th shot in the string.

    1. Thank you Christine. It was raining at my house when I headed there, and it had finished not long before I arrived. It started to look like it was about to start again when I left. Somehow I “danced” between the showers. I hesitated in using the one with the cigarette, but his casual nature made me keep it in. I liked the girl sitting on the board where one of the ramps hid the board so it looked like she was on the ramp but moving.

    1. Thank you Mindy. I do not see a reason not to share, its how we all learn from one another. The riverwalk area has a number of different photo opportunities.

  2. I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with a solution for that theme. Not much time left, but I’ll come up with one. Great shots. You nailed it Sue.

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