28 thoughts on “Week 51 – #13 Forced Perspective

    1. Thank you Gary. A Sprite (clear) would have been a better choice – but I don’t drink soda. I don’t have kids so I could not do it with someone holding a hose behind – to spray other kids – so I have to go with items to which I have access.

  1. Rebecca

    Wow! How did you manage to capture the bottle spray of water so perfectly and make the shot at the same time. Amazingly creative!!!

    1. Thank you Becky. I used my tripod – not to hold the camera but the water bottle. I then backed up to the exact spot so that I could just get the bottle and not the tripod and the spray was coming out of the top. Hence the category – forced perspective. I have to figure out how to do these things by myself so I become inventive. I would have preferred a prettier background, but I didn’t find a fountain that I could have access to other than a construction site.

  2. very cool and inventive! I haven’t been able to think up something original for this one.
    My schedule is a little crazy right now, for the next month I’ve only got Tuesdays and Wednesday open but if you need an assistant for one of those days give me a holler. I’ll hold your prop, even if it seems a little off the wall.

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