Week 5 – #6 Celebrations

For Celebrations, I am using the Manasota India Festival.   This is the third year for this festival, which is held at the Bradenton Convention Center in Palmetto.  The event is put on by local people demonstrating the culture of India.  There are booths with information on the different regions of India, the history of India, information on culture and of course dance.  There are also booths from the different India restaurants in the area so the smell of curry is everywhere. I am going to share images of the dances that were performed.  I know a couple of other bloggers used this festival for their themes, but we each do things a bit differently.

I am starting with some ladies doing India’s dance ODISSI.  It is one of the eight classical dance forms of India.  It originates in the state of Odisha in eastern India.  It is the oldest surviving dance form of India, and has been traced back to 2nd century BC. 6 Celebration-8

6 Celebration-7

Here are some of the ladies doing the GARBA, which originated in the state of Gujarat.  A traditional garba is done around a centrally lit lamp or statue or picture of the Goddess Shaikti..6 Celebration-6

A very energetic group of Florida State students doing the BHANGRA, which is the traditional dance originating from the Punjab region.  This is a very very fast moving and lively dance.6 Celebration-5

Two Dancers doing the KATHAK, which is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dance.  Its origins are traced back to northern India.  You notice the small bells the dancer has tied around her feet, which are called ghunghroo.  It is usually 100 bells on each ankle.6 Celebration-4

6 Celebration-3

Unfortunately, I missed the name of this dance.6 Celebration-2

and what celebration of India’s dances does not include – BOLLYWOOD

6 Celebration-10

Two dancers doing the BHARATNATYAM, another form of India’s classical dance originating in the temples of Tamil Nadu.

6 Celebration-9

And I am finishing the celebration – with this young man – Rinku Singh, who if you follow baseball is with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.  Now what makes him special is that he got the job  after he won a pitching contest on a 2008 reality television show, Million Dollar Arm.   He is the first Indian to play professional baseball in the United States.  He is the subject of a Disney movie about the contest.  He spoke to the festival and gave a short inspirational talk.

It truly was a great celebration. 6 Celebration-1


Week 4 – #2 A Worm’s View

2 a Worm's View-1


For the theme – A worm’s view, well worm’s don’t have eyes so they would not see this coming.  But my interpretation is the worm on the end of a hook and floating around until this big bad boy swims up on the worm.

Thanks to the brand new Bass Pro Shops in Brandon, FL for having the fish and the aquarium for me to use to get a fish photo for this theme.

Week 1 – #18 Hidden from View

I start this new season with Hidden from View.  There are some beautiful old homes on Riverside Drive in Palmetto, FL.  The view from their front porch is of the Manatee river and across to Bradenton.  The first is the J.A. Lamb House built in 1899 is a Queen Anne Victorian residence.  As you can see by the front entrance the beautiful house is hidden from view.   J.A. Lamb was the son of Samuel Sparks Lamb who was the founder of Palmetto.  The house has three stories with a central hall plan with twenty major rooms. The flooring is heart pine which was the major construction wood during the time. It was restored in 1991.

18 Hidden from View (3 of 5)


When you walk around to the side of the entrance arbor – you see a very impressive house.18 Hidden from View (2 of 5)

18 Hidden from View (4 of 5)


And on the corner, you find the Atzeroth Store Site, Lamb School & Julius Lamb House, 1102 Riverside Dr. 1913 – This house was built by Julius A. Lamb, eldest son of S.S. Lamb in 1913 on the site of the log cabin that housed the Atzerboth Store and the Lamb School. Julius was a 9 when he drove the barouch, which transported his mother and 5 sisters, from Mississippi to Palmetto. This house was a Sears & Robuck House ordered from a catalog and came complete and ready to put together. Julius was a successful businessman, owning a real estate company, Guarantee Abstract Company and Vice President of Manatee County State bank, which his father helped establish in 1899. He also established the first livery stable. Currently the Palmetto House, a bed and breakfast, is in operation here.

18 Hidden from View (1 of 5)


The entrance does not hide the main house as much but you still do not see the true size of the place until you move to the side..  18 Hidden from View (5 of 5)