Week 1 – #18 Hidden from View

I start this new season with Hidden from View.  There are some beautiful old homes on Riverside Drive in Palmetto, FL.  The view from their front porch is of the Manatee river and across to Bradenton.  The first is the J.A. Lamb House built in 1899 is a Queen Anne Victorian residence.  As you can see by the front entrance the beautiful house is hidden from view.   J.A. Lamb was the son of Samuel Sparks Lamb who was the founder of Palmetto.  The house has three stories with a central hall plan with twenty major rooms. The flooring is heart pine which was the major construction wood during the time. It was restored in 1991.

18 Hidden from View (3 of 5)


When you walk around to the side of the entrance arbor – you see a very impressive house.18 Hidden from View (2 of 5)

18 Hidden from View (4 of 5)


And on the corner, you find the Atzeroth Store Site, Lamb School & Julius Lamb House, 1102 Riverside Dr. 1913 – This house was built by Julius A. Lamb, eldest son of S.S. Lamb in 1913 on the site of the log cabin that housed the Atzerboth Store and the Lamb School. Julius was a 9 when he drove the barouch, which transported his mother and 5 sisters, from Mississippi to Palmetto. This house was a Sears & Robuck House ordered from a catalog and came complete and ready to put together. Julius was a successful businessman, owning a real estate company, Guarantee Abstract Company and Vice President of Manatee County State bank, which his father helped establish in 1899. He also established the first livery stable. Currently the Palmetto House, a bed and breakfast, is in operation here.

18 Hidden from View (1 of 5)


The entrance does not hide the main house as much but you still do not see the true size of the place until you move to the side..  18 Hidden from View (5 of 5)

33 thoughts on “Week 1 – #18 Hidden from View

    1. I had to – it has been raining so much that when you see a little blue sky – you need to get right on it. As it was, I only had time to take a couple of houses there, before the storm moved up from the south and started raining on me.
      Thank you.

  1. rain, rain go away. These houses are gorgeous, I wish you had more time to take more photos, I’d love to see what else is there. I guess I’ll have to get over there and have a look around.
    The first post I saw of the new year, I hope all the rest are this good – we will have to work hard to keep up to this standard.

    1. You flatter me too much. Everyone does a good job trying to find something to fit the theme and to photograph it as best they can under whatever circumstances they have.

      Supposedly the rain is supposed to go back to our normal Florida afternoon showers soon. Which works as we should photograph in the morning and late in the day – and now that I am retired – nap in the afternoon lol ok or edit the images. Ahh, I already went against the suggested one image per post, so this will have to do, and it is a good excuse for you to go over to Riverside Dr and 4th streets in Palmetto and have a look around.

    1. Sears and Roebuck – build it yourself – seriously! I don’t remember that in the catalog when I was growing up. I wonder what it cost back then. A quick search – and in 1908 sears catalog you could get a 10 room 2 story home with wrap around porch for just under $3000.

  2. Rebecca

    What would $3,000 translate into today’s financial pocket and then, think of the cost of slapping that Sears & Roebuck project together. Wow, such beautiful homes.

    1. In 2014, the relative value of $3,000.00 from 1900 ranges from $87,200.00 to $2,520,000.00 – calculating in the cost of labor today to make the kit for the house and the difference in what the dollar could purchase back then to now. Shipping and labor to actually build the house not included lol.
      Yes they are. I looked up the room rates – which vary from $219 to $339 a night – which when you see the rooms is a wonderful value.

  3. Great to see ideas for the new themes. These first few weeks are challenging to find shots to fit. This shot really makes you want to see what is hidden – thanks for sharing those too!

    1. Well maybe now that the rains have subsided, you might enjoy it, but I would suggest waiting until Nov – May when it is not as humid. And I know there are some wonderful Victorian houses out there in CA.

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