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Week 3 – #7 Circle in a Square

on August 15, 2015

7 Circle in Square-1

For this theme, I decided on Checkers.  I pondered over what could I find that would be a circle in a square….and voila – checkers. Now where to find one – ahh Cracker Barrel has them outside, so asked a couple if they would let me photograph their board, so I didn’t have a choice in placement.  I am sure they thought I was completely nuts when I asked.


39 responses to “Week 3 – #7 Circle in a Square

  1. gwong1 says:

    Sue, Your imagination is astounding. I have been a little under the weather and not started my blog this year, but hope to soon. In the meantime I am enjoying everyone’s interpretation. Gary

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thank you Gary. I am not sure it is imagination, but an ability to visualize matching shapes.
      Hope you get to feeling better so you can get up and about and then maybe take some images yourself. Get well soon!

  2. George says:

    Checkers never crossed my mind. Good idea.

  3. cbsmith321 says:

    excellent idea!!!!

  4. tnwaltz says:

    You just proved that the themes are right before our eyes if we would take the time to look around.

  5. Perfect choice! Nicely done.

  6. Bobbi says:

    Love this !!!

  7. Excellent capture of this theme.

  8. excellent idea, and it’s OK when the people out there think you’re nuts, just pay attention, if they pull out their phones and dial 911 – that’s when it’s time to worry.

  9. Very clever. Always thinking…I like that. lol

  10. annsero says:

    Great idea. I thought this onewould be tough

  11. How simple! Why didn’t I think of this!

  12. suesanborn says:

    Very cool picture. Great idea!

  13. Good thinking! I love the colours. My mind is still in shock with all the themes!

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thank you. I stressed the first two years with the themes. Last year I just decided to have fun whatever. This year, I wasn’t sure if I could do it with my house for sale, but I have found a number that are already done and just waiting for their Saturday to arrive to post, so I don’t have to worry about house showings and hopefully a possible sale. I think I was over thinking them before, or at least that is the excuse I am going with. Either the themes are easier or I am taking it easier.

      • Glad you are still with us. Hope the house sale goes well. My brain will start functioning again soon!

      • Sue Karski says:

        Thanks – I will still be with, just may not be able to post every week, which is why I have done as many as I can ahead of time. Now if a potential buyer would show up. I lost two because of a near by house, which has been remedied, but now not as many showings.

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