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Week 4 – #2 A Worm’s View

on August 21, 2015

2 a Worm's View-1


For the theme – A worm’s view, well worm’s don’t have eyes so they would not see this coming.  But my interpretation is the worm on the end of a hook and floating around until this big bad boy swims up on the worm.

Thanks to the brand new Bass Pro Shops in Brandon, FL for having the fish and the aquarium for me to use to get a fish photo for this theme.


31 responses to “Week 4 – #2 A Worm’s View

  1. preed913 says:

    its good but disgusting! – good point about the eyes!! haha

  2. Good eye Sue .. oops I did not mean to offend any worms who may be checking in on this!

  3. mbryant59 says:

    That is such a cool shot, Sue! You are so imaginative. I would have never thought of that.

  4. cbsmith321 says:

    he’s a scary one! you don’t have to be a worm!

  5. OMG! that’s one scary fish.

  6. I would be afraid, I would be very afraid if I were the worm and saw this thing coming to make me his dinner. Yikes. Good job.

  7. shelby1120 says:

    You caught a scary look for sure. And his size looks immense in this view! The Fish that Ate Pittsburgh…….

  8. gwong1 says:

    All I see are eyes and teeth, poor worm. Gary

  9. shelby1120 says:

    I just have to correct my Comment about the fish that ate Pittsburgh. I knew I wasn’t totally dreaming. In 1979 there was a film called The Fish that SAVED Pittsburgh, filmed on location. But unfortunately there was not even a fish in it. It relates more to the Zodiac sign Pisces. Well, my intentions were sincere – this fish COULD eat a small town.

  10. George says:

    Those are some ominous looking teeth. I can imagine if a worm had eyes how threatening this fish would be.

  11. Donna says:

    My granddaddy (fish) … what big teeth you have! I’m certainly glad none of the bass I’ve encountered have choppers like those! It might make “catch and release” a lot more challenging. Great photo capture and very imaginative angle on the theme!

  12. Ann says:

    I like your picture of the fish. If I was a worm I would be going the other directions

  13. If the worm could see, can you imagine how he would feel wriggling on a hook and unable to get away! Now who’s imagination is running away with her! Good choice for the theme, Sue.

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