Week 7 – #34 OMG

Well – if you thought you needed to travel hours down to Key West or over to New Orleans for a parade of brightly colored costumed people, you would be very wrong.

Here are a collection of images of just a few of the many people who participated in the Gecko Festival in Gulfport, FL  this past weekend.  I had been to this festival before but always went early in the morning as usually the heat is too much.  I was meeting a fellow photographer friend who wanted to go later.  Since we were going in late afternoon, and it is mostly people photography which many of you know is not my usual thing, I only brought a point and shoot.  Boy that was a mistake. I am glad we went later as I have never seen the costumes before.  They have a parade of the costumes and select the winner.  I know the challenge suggests only one image, but in order for you to get a feel for this event, there was no way for just one.  The man in white – I am sorry that I was too close and sacrificed his parasol as he surely was dressed to the nines – some of these earn it the OMG.  So here – enjoy a bit of the festival.

34 OMG-4

34 OMG-5

34 OMG-6

34 OMG-7

34 OMG-8

34 OMG-9

34 OMG-11

they even involved the dogs 34 OMG-10

34 OMG-12

34 OMG-13

34 OMG-14

and a late arrival –

34 OMG-15

52 thoughts on “Week 7 – #34 OMG

    1. Thank you Gary. I am still out on whether I like to do people photography. Occasionally I can get some interesting shots but for most you need to be an outgoing people person or at least willing to walk up to strangers, which is very uncomfortable for me.

    1. Thank you. It is very hot but there are lots and lots of restaurants and places to get cold drinks and to sit for a few as you listen to the music and watch the people. They also have a bus/trolley to get people in and out quickly, though I found parking within 3 blocks very easily.

  1. Mt vote would be for the first lady with sunflowers and a beautiful skirt. Since we went early last time, I didn’t realize costumes were so elaborate. I just thought they all dressed as Geckos! And I may know one of the men in a feather mask, but luckily he is not wearing a tutu.

    1. Unfortunately, because I was getting too hot, we skipped over to one of the restaurants and sat down with some drinks and dinner so I missed the awards ceremony. Then the OMG is possibly seeing someone you know.

    1. Geckofest is an annual event that the town of Gulfport puts on to celebrate the end of summer and to celebrate their mascot – the gecko. In August there is the Gecko Ball, and the Gecko Crawl. You will see geckos on some of the buildings. Gulfport is located not too far after crossing the sunshine skyline bridge. It is on the west side – the Gulf side. Gulfport is a quaint little town with lots of art work in yards and on buildings. It is fun to walk there anytime.

  2. I am so happy you chose to post all these photos, Sue. What a collection of marvelous costumes. I rarely abide by the one photo suggestion. It’s my blog and if people don’t want to wade through my selections, it doesn’t bother me. I am posting my blog for both those who participate and those who don’t, and those who are interested in where I live, what I encounter, and in the world I am able to share. I think your photos are colorful and interesting. Thanks for taking me to the parade! 🙂

  3. Your BFF

    Very colorful fun event. Looks like all were having a great time. I especially like that the dogs were also in costume. If you ever need someone to speak to strangers or just speak stranger,
    I’m there for you!

    1. I started going to Gulfport as a member of a meetup photography group. No event, just go there and walk around and photograph what you see, which was a lot. Then you add in these street festivals and they have fun -so do you.

    1. yeah well, in the past I have gone, it was hot but earlier in the day – and I didn’t take that many images, and it was supposed to rain. So I figured go light – but bring something just in case. lol. It was a fun time. I think I have a bunch of people who will go next year – with their cameras.

  4. … omg and wow! and all totally happy to be photographed! – obviously all very outgoing people – and thats an understatement – you really did a great job of capturing the mood – I feel I was there!

  5. This is some kind of “festival” and the folks in Gulfport can really compete with those in Key West!!
    The pictures really are sharp and show the vivid colors most of the participants are wearing — glad you showed us several pictures —

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