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Week 10 – #52 Yellow

on October 3, 2015

52 Yellow-2

Alright – that was my fun one – now here is the real one.

52 Yellow-1


25 responses to “Week 10 – #52 Yellow

  1. Your sunflower wearing snazzy sunglasses is hysterical! And your “real” one is glorious.

    Weirdly (my favorite adverb), I just set a photo challenge for myself and I picked Mellow Yellow as my first challenge. Perhaps we’re great minds?

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love the sunflower, it has so much personality. It could be one of the new characters on the Muppet series. Now the Lily is stunning! What a beautiful display of elegance.

  3. elifamily2 says:

    The sunflower shot is so fun! I like the soft exposure of the lily.

  4. gwong1 says:

    Poor thing has readers. what a shame. Gary

  5. shelby1120 says:

    You know I would love the fun one best!

  6. piriot says:

    So delicate and beautiful.

  7. tnwaltz says:

    Only you, Sue, would come up with the glasses! You made me laugh this morning … thanks!

  8. That first image was especially fun to me and Bravo to your creativity!!

  9. thegatorgal says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  10. marjie327 says:

    What a great cheerful photo; it makes me happy! ūüôā

  11. donnagf1 says:

    Your “fun one” has a whimsical touch — really cute! It really upstages your serious one which is so very nice. . .

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