Week 11 – #3 Before and After

St Petersburg, FL pier.  – from before3 - Before and After-1

and after – taken 9/26 – the end of the inverted pyramid at the pier.

3 - Before and After-2

So long pier, it was fun to take photos of you and from you.  I have written about this pier a number of times, so I will not bore you again.  Suffice it to say, the undercarriage supporting the structure was deteriorating and it was necessary to say good bye.  Looking forward to what will be in the future though I hate losing buildings with history.


30 thoughts on “Week 11 – #3 Before and After

    1. What was wrong was all under water. Sorry to see it go – there was a Columbia restaurant inside and you could go to the roof to take photos of sunset through the buildings, etc.

    1. For now the after is the tear down. It will be long after this years blog themes until a new pier is built. But I can say that I will definitely be photographing the new pier.

  1. I agree with you – really hate to see those historic and unusual buildings disappear. Europe does a better job of restoring and maintaining these kind of landmarks.

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