Week 12 – #A5 SOTC – Straight out of the Camera

A5 - SOTC-1

From the St Pete Art Walk – Chalk Festival – Here is a piece in progress.

A5 - SOTC-2

So both of these were taken with my new Sony A7R II – with a 24 – 240 lens.  This is a very nice setup and gives me a lot of range and it weighs sooooooo much less than my Canon 7D.   Normally even with the 70 – 200 lens on the canon, I would need a tripod.  I hand held these images. Sweet.

ISO 80
Exposure program – Aperture Priority
1/80 second   with exposure comp of -1
focal length 44mm

the first image  was at 33mm  at F8 for 1/125 second  -1 exposure comp

These were both taken in the sun, bright sun, they were not in shade, but the Sony has a feature called zebra and it shows you were the exposure is too hot (before you take the image) so you can use the exposure comp or change other settings to correct the issue.  I am just learning to use it, but it sure seems to help already. There is sooo much detail in the image, which makes cropping not an issue.

I made no post processing adjustments to these other than to crop and of course to resize it down – because these are 46 mp images.

I am so liking this camera.  OK, I have to be honest –  loving this camera.


One final word.  Posting will happen when I can.  My house is due to close shortly and the close on the new house the next day.  Then the fun of moving begins.  I will try to do the posts (if I have some images), if for no other reason than to do something other than pack/move. But I will catch-up as soon as I can after I finish moving.

26 thoughts on “Week 12 – #A5 SOTC – Straight out of the Camera

  1. I dont know when you got the camera but you seem to understand it pretty quickly! – Sounds amazing (I had to look it up!) – and yes those artists are remarkable! – oh to have talent like that.
    Looks like all your photos can be SOTC from now on with a camera like that! good luck with the move. (the reason I do love moving it for the clear out!)

  2. Good luck with you move and congratulation on your new place! I will have to check out the St. Pete I have never been to it. I go to the one in Venice/Sarasota. I love Chalk festivals, Was there a big crowd?

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