Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

A Weekly Photo Themed Blog

Week 18 – # 16 Frame within a Frame

16 Frame within a Frame-1

I submit this image for Frame within a frame as the farm is framed by the setback of the woods, and the view is framed by the trees.  This was taken at sunrise from the Foothill Parkway just above Townsend, TN, just as the trees were peaking with color.


Week 17 – #48 Three of a Kind

48 Three of a Kind-1

While in the Smoky Mountain National Park, I happened upon these couple of leaves as they were in the process of turning.  I submit these for my three of a kind.


Week 16 – #36 Out of Focus

36 Out of Focus-1

Again in the Smoky Mountains, when we went out with Bill Lea, in the rain I might add, he had us experimenting with doing swipes.  The concept is to keep the tree trunks straight and to do this so the leaves merge causing the color shifts.  It is not as easy as it sounds and I have a number of just plain blurred images.  This one, the dark lines are the tree trunks, and you are seeing the different colors that were present – including the blues of peoples’ jackets.


Week 15 – #41 Shades of Gray

41 Shades of Gray-1

On several occasions during the Smoky Mountain Landscape Summit, we experimented with photographing the creeks and waterfalls.  I liked the trees to the right and the big rock with all its detail.  This photo pops in color.


Week 14 – #10 Dawn’s Light

10 Dawn's Light-1

Sorry to have been off so long, but moving is not fun.  I am in my new house and still  unpacking boxes.  But enough of the dreary.

Here is sunrise in TN on the Foothill Parkway just outside of Smoky Mountain National Park, looking down into the valley at the tops of clouds.

What you are not seeing is the hundred of photographers to my left and right.  I attended the first Landscape Photography Summit held in Townsend, TN, with a couple hundred other photographers and a varied cast of photographer leaders, including Matt Kloskowski, Jim Begley, Bill Fortney, Bill Lea, Wilson Reynolds, Jack Graham, Len Rue, Jr, Tony Sweet, John Barret, Ken Jenkins, Rob Sheppard, Brett Wells, and a keynote speech by Scott Kelby. (sorry if I left someone out).  It was quite an adventure.  Lectures and morning shoots, in the rainy mornings with the color just popping.