Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

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Week 23 – #27 Memories

27 Memories-1

Visiting Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower brought back memories of the old bubble lights that we used to have on the tree when I was a kid.  Do you remember them?

27 Memories-2

27 Memories-3The Pinewood Estate is truly decorated to the nines for Christmas.  It is a place to visit during the holidays. The holiday home is open until Jan 3rd.


For a video of my images  the home tour please go to


Week 22 – #A2 Christmastime

I am posting a little bit early because of Christmas.   This is a lovely place to visit and I thought I should get this out there for people to see just in case they want to go for a drive this holiday. A2 Christmas Time-1Merry Christmas from the Edison winter estate in Ft. Myers.  Now here is a decorated table for the holidays. (almost 90 years ago)

A2 Christmas Time-2

A2 Christmas Time-3

Even the kitchens were decorated.

A2 Christmas Time-4

and the stocking hung over the fireplace in the bedroom.

A2 Christmas Time-6

The gifts are sitting on the bed with the guests coat and hat.

A2 Christmas Time-7

Along with some toys for the kids.
I love the top hat by the old camera.

A2 Christmas Time-5

And what is the holiday without the arrival of Santa. But wait – that isn’t a sleigh but one of Ford’s cars.

A2 Christmas Time-8


And just because…..

Christmas lights on the fence around the property – with a little zoom.

A2 Christmas Time-10

and Christmas lights that were done on the ground like petals at the base of a tree- zoomed.

A2 Christmas Time-9

Merry Christmas to all and a Safe and Happy New Year.


Week 21 – #37 Part of a Whole

37 Part of a Whole-1

This single bromeliad was used (along with a few others)  between lots of red bromeliads to make a very unusual Christmas tree.  You can see the effect below.  It is truly part of the whole.

37 Part of a Whole-2


Week 20 – #39 Rainy Day

39 Rainy Day-1

With rain comes rainbows.  While the hundreds of photographers were at the one spot on Foothill Parkway, Diane and I explored other places, and just as we rounded the corner, we were blessed with a rainbow that the others would not get as they were facing east and this was facing west.  Needless to say we rushed a couple of images and then the downpour started.  You can see a little of the coming rain to the left of the rainbow in the lighter grey streaks.


Week 19 – #A3 Nature

A3 Nature-1

A couple of you asked to see the color version – well since I still had nature theme available – I am going to use the theme to provide the color version of this image from Smoky Mountain National Park.


Now here are the ones, I thought of for this theme….

A3 Nature-2

A3 Nature-3

The last one is courtesy of Diane Broda who made the arrangement.  I just liked the colors.