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Week 19 – #A3 Nature

on December 3, 2015

A3 Nature-1

A couple of you asked to see the color version – well since I still had nature theme available – I am going to use the theme to provide the color version of this image from Smoky Mountain National Park.


Now here are the ones, I thought of for this theme….

A3 Nature-2

A3 Nature-3

The last one is courtesy of Diane Broda who made the arrangement.  I just liked the colors.


24 responses to “Week 19 – #A3 Nature

  1. marjie327 says:

    How beautiful; love the colors! Thanks for sharing the colored version!

  2. gwong1 says:

    Your just too good. Beautiful shots. Gary

  3. So glad you published these, just beautiful!! I so miss the fall colors of the north.

  4. shelby1120 says:

    I never saw the scene in photo #2 and I really like it. You gave out the secret that Mother Nature did not arrange those leaves like that!

  5. George says:

    I love the colors and the composition.

  6. R says:

    Sue, these are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Morag Reid says:

    Beautiful colors Sue. I really like that last one.

  8. These are beautiful, Sue.

  9. Beautiful colours. I like the sense of movement in the first. As always, beautifully presented.

  10. beautiful in color, it’s great to see what fall looks like north of Florida

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