Week 20 – #39 Rainy Day

39 Rainy Day-1

With rain comes rainbows.  While the hundreds of photographers were at the one spot on Foothill Parkway, Diane and I explored other places, and just as we rounded the corner, we were blessed with a rainbow that the others would not get as they were facing east and this was facing west.  Needless to say we rushed a couple of images and then the downpour started.  You can see a little of the coming rain to the left of the rainbow in the lighter grey streaks.


20 thoughts on “Week 20 – #39 Rainy Day

  1. R

    What a beautiful shot. There is so much going on and you managed to capture it all! I love the colors in the trees, the ones in the rainbow are so (look at me I’m performing) brilliant and let’s not forget the beautiful rain. Lastly, there are those green leaves at he bottom that seem to have snuck in. Isn’t that the trend nowadays when a group photo is being shot, people like to sneak in. Nature does it better! Your good Sue!

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