Week 23 – #27 Memories

27 Memories-1

Visiting Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower brought back memories of the old bubble lights that we used to have on the tree when I was a kid.  Do you remember them?

27 Memories-2

27 Memories-3The Pinewood Estate is truly decorated to the nines for Christmas.  It is a place to visit during the holidays. The holiday home is open until Jan 3rd.


For a video of my images  the home tour please go to

18 thoughts on “Week 23 – #27 Memories

  1. Very nice. Is this estate on the grounds of Bok Tower? I have been there but don’t remember an estate/residence…just the tower, the gardens and the SWAN. Was the swan still there?….He was mean.

    1. Yes it is on the grounds. The estate is on the right as you walk from the parking lot up to the tower. I didn’t see the swan. The carillion was playing beautiful tunes and lots of flowers were in bloom. They probably won’t be after Sunday.

  2. Sue, What great shots and memories. I do remember the bubbling lights and older ornaments you shared. Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Gary

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