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Week 23 – #27 Memories

on December 31, 2015

27 Memories-1

Visiting Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower brought back memories of the old bubble lights that we used to have on the tree when I was a kid.  Do you remember them?

27 Memories-2

27 Memories-3The Pinewood Estate is truly decorated to the nines for Christmas.  It is a place to visit during the holidays. The holiday home is open until Jan 3rd.


For a video of my images  the home tour please go to


18 responses to “Week 23 – #27 Memories

  1. Beautiful shots Sue. My grandparents had them and I always loved to watch the bubbles.

  2. marjie327 says:

    Well done, Sue! Beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful Sue. I remember those lights from my childhood too. Brought back so good memories!

  4. shelby1120 says:

    That tree is one of the nicest and really sparkling bright! And including the video is a big plus! I hope lots of people view it! Happy New Year!

  5. Very nice. Is this estate on the grounds of Bok Tower? I have been there but don’t remember an estate/residence…just the tower, the gardens and the SWAN. Was the swan still there?….He was mean.

    • Sue Karski says:

      Yes it is on the grounds. The estate is on the right as you walk from the parking lot up to the tower. I didn’t see the swan. The carillion was playing beautiful tunes and lots of flowers were in bloom. They probably won’t be after Sunday.

  6. gwong1 says:

    Sue, What great shots and memories. I do remember the bubbling lights and older ornaments you shared. Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Gary

  7. Morag Reid says:

    That little elf is pretty scary, but the rest of it is so pretty. It must take them a long time to put it all together.

  8. What a beautiful Tree. Great shots.

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