Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

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Week 27 – #38 Powerful




38 - Powerful-1

38 - Powerful-2

When one sees the Clydesdale horse, you can see the power in the shoulders of these fine horses.   These horses are not intimidated by the flag.  This young lady rode proud on that powerful horse and it responded beautifully with the flag flapping back and forth above its head.   The bred is originally from Scotland and it was exported throughout the world back in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  It was originally a smaller build but was bred to increase its size.  The males can now stand between 18 to 20 hands high and weigh as much as 2000 lbs.



Week 26 – #44 Speed

44 - Speed-1

From the recent visit to the Lakewood Ranch Polo Club, one of the many polo ponies during the match using the technique of panning.


Week 25 – #17 Gate

17 Gate-1

At the entrance to Bok Tower is a gate.   The iron gates leading to the Tower were hand-wrought and feature birds with various expressions and wings for flight.  They were designed by Samuel Yellin, who was born in Poland, and immigrated to the US in 1906.  His ironworks can be seen at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City; Philadelphia’s Packard Building; numerous churches throughout the nation including Washington National Cathedral; and on the campuses of America’s most prestigious universities including Yale, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard.
You are not allowed into Bok Tower, but the carillonneur who plays the carillon inside the tower does pass through these gates.  I was thrilled to hear one of the Holiday performances of  Geert D’hollander, who is the 4th full time carillonneur at Bok Towers.  He has quite an impressive background with the carillon.

17 Gate-3

17 Gate-2


Week 24 – #14 Enclosed

14 Enclosed-1

Enclosed in the case is Edison’s scale.  On the table next to the case are other tools and instruments he used, such as his microscope.  This was taken at the Edison – Ford Winter Estate in Ft Myers, FL in Edison’s lab where he was trying to find a plant that could help produce rubber.