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Week 24 – #14 Enclosed

on January 8, 2016

14 Enclosed-1

Enclosed in the case is Edison’s scale.  On the table next to the case are other tools and instruments he used, such as his microscope.  This was taken at the Edison – Ford Winter Estate in Ft Myers, FL in Edison’s lab where he was trying to find a plant that could help produce rubber.


31 responses to “Week 24 – #14 Enclosed

  1. piriot says:

    Nice. Intriguing. In case you had not told what this is, I might not have guessed.

  2. So interesting. Thank you for showing us this wondrous exhibit.

  3. suesanborn says:

    Nice shoot with so many different tools and instruments he used for such amazing discoveries.

  4. shelby1120 says:

    Good shot under difficult lighting conditions. I love the warmth of the wood that is evident all over his laboratory and has existed until today!

  5. Great shot Sue for theme. I have been to the museum several times over the years with different family members when they have joined us on our yearly vacation on Sanibel Island. I always see something different every time I go. The grounds are especially beautiful.

  6. gwong1 says:

    As having a degree in Chemistry I have a great appreciation for the shot in his laboratory. Do you know why the scale is enclosed? There is significance to it being enclosed. Gary

    • Sue Karski says:

      Gary, No, I have no idea. My background is computer software. Please enlighten us.

      • gwong1 says:

        This is an Analytical Balance, measures in grams and micorgrams. 1 gram is about 0.0022 pounds. Any air currents would make the balance reading unstable and therefore it is open and closed when adding or removing things that are being weighed. This particular type is counterbalanced, meaning you have an exacting weight on one side and balance it against the substance that you are weighing. The scale above it would allow you to measure weights that are not exact to the exacting weight. Todays equipment is all digital and you only have to put the thing you are weighing on the balance pan and get an exact weight. I know too technical, but that is me. Thanks for letting me expound. A good balance today would run around $2,500, the price of a good camera and lens. Gary

      • Sue Karski says:

        Thank you for the update. I thought as much, but since it is not my field, I appreciate you taking the time to update the blog with the correct answer.

  7. Really nicely done, Sue.

  8. preed913 says:

    very nice and you can see the “wavy” glass – love that. Must go there sometime.

  9. Beautiful image. Thank you for the background too. Such detail. Even the pencil.

  10. donnagf1 says:

    As usual, you come up with a winner!

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