Week 30 – #A1 A Kiss

For Pet Owners – what’s better than a kiss from someone who truly loves you unconditionally.  (now I am a cat lover – but these little dogs were very lovey.  My cats hesitated speaking to me as I came home smelling of dog)

Here are a couple of images from a Puppy Kisses outing in Valencia Lakes.

A1 - A Kiss-3

A1 - A Kiss-2

A1 - A Kiss-1

Week 29 – #1 A Part of Me

1 Part of Me-2

Growing up with a father who had taught young soldiers how to maintain a vehicle and drove ambulances in WWII, means that his daughters will learn how to change and rotate all 4 tires (don’t forget that spare), among other things.  Though I never knew why, he had a thing for American Motors other than my parents both drove AMC cars and when it was time  to get cars, AMC it was.  We both got Javelins.  My sister got an earlier model in the Big Bad Green Color that I thought was horrible.  It was a yellowish lime color.

Mine was a hunter green (similar to the color above)  1969 2 door, 4 seater, 3 speed, 6 cylinder, stick shift, AM radio (only), no A/C, no power windows – heck no power anything back then. No one ever  told me how badly green oxidizes.  And believe it or not – we did not even have an ash tray in the dash (not that I smoked – I didn’t).  We had an Ash Receiver – No Kidding –

1 Part of Me-1

This car was a big part of my life growing up (when gas was only 29 cents a gallon).  I am not including a photo of the car – only part of the car(since the theme is part of me and not all of me lol)  because they did not have any 69 Javelins at the show.  I owned it for about 10 years and it served me well.


AMC was late to the game with the pony car.  Even one of their commercials used to say, when you are competing against the big 3 car companies – what do you do?  The car was only manufactured from 1968 – 1974 and only 233,000 were made –  in Kenosha, WI.  There were a few different models – from the basic javelin to the sporty 2 seater AMX edition.  When the Javelin was introduced, the average age for the driver of the Javelin was 29 which was 10 years younger than the other AMC cars.  (remember my parents drove AMC cars).

The catch phrase for the Javelin –  Hey Javelin – Do you want to Drag?

  • the reply – No, I have a gold fish bowl on the seat.

Here is one of the commercials – do you recognize the actor?  great character actor, Herb Edelman  and  that’s Don Stroud (“Angel Unchained”) on the bike.  There is another commercial with Richard Dreyfus (as a young man) being the pitch man for the car on the internet.   Oh the memories.  I had some good times in that car.

Week 28 – #49 Tiny World

49 Tiny World-2

How about going to a car show and finding this in the back of a truck on display?  A car show at a car show.  I saw this at this year’s Kaiser Devereaux Car Show in Lakewood Ranch.  The street lights were lit and the movie in the drive-in was playing.  Yes, it was actually playing with sound etc.  Because the cover from the trunk was at an angle, it blocked the direct sunlight but it also created a shadow cascade onto the tiny world.  You see there is a car show going on in the front of Mel’s Drive In, there are repair men changing street lights and more.  This was a very elaborate tiny world inside of a car show.

49 Tiny World-1