Week 28 – #49 Tiny World

49 Tiny World-2

How about going to a car show and finding this in the back of a truck on display?  A car show at a car show.  I saw this at this year’s Kaiser Devereaux Car Show in Lakewood Ranch.  The street lights were lit and the movie in the drive-in was playing.  Yes, it was actually playing with sound etc.  Because the cover from the trunk was at an angle, it blocked the direct sunlight but it also created a shadow cascade onto the tiny world.  You see there is a car show going on in the front of Mel’s Drive In, there are repair men changing street lights and more.  This was a very elaborate tiny world inside of a car show.

49 Tiny World-1


18 thoughts on “Week 28 – #49 Tiny World

  1. Great shots. Such detail. Wonderful way to tie it in to the real life car show. It goes to show that photo opportunities appear in unusual places. Just have to be ready to see them. Nice job!

    1. Yes, it was unique and somewhat hidden being in the bed of the truck. You have to keep your eyes open. I have seen some posts from others at the show that got images, that I surely didn’t see. It is amazing how we each see different things or angles.

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