Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

A Weekly Photo Themed Blog

Week 34 – # 24 Loud Noises

While I would hardly call this noise – it is loud as are most rock concerts.  Here are some shots taken with my cell phone at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Tampa from December.

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00001

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00005

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00007

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00009

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00012

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00015

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00025

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00028


Week 33 – # A6 Sunset

A6 - Sunset-1

I thought I would do this one a little differently – giving you a FL sunset without palm trees or sailboat but with a little floral touch.
Since I have moved I do not see the sunsets every night and I haven’t taken the time to drive to go see them. This will change soon enough with the laundry room update completion scheduled and drapes to be hung.


Week 32 – #40 Rusty

40 - Rusty-1

My poor rusty hummingbird.  Neglected but not forgotten.  Was hidden in the wildflowers at the last house, but is out front at this new house.  It needs some TLC which now that I am mostly settled can begin. A bit of a dull gold and brushed turquoise patina just might be in order for this little guy.


Week 31 – #19 Homemade

Here are my Teriyaki Chicken legs prepared today for the get together for the Sarasota Camera Club at Bob Cameron and Laura Bryg’s place out on Lido Key.  We had lots of food, an ok sunset (but it was on the beach), good friends and lots of photography talk.