Week 34 – # 24 Loud Noises

While I would hardly call this noise – it is loud as are most rock concerts.  Here are some shots taken with my cell phone at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert in Tampa from December.

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00001

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00005

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00007

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00009

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00012

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00015

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00025

Trans Sib Orchestra-phone-00028

Week 33 – # A6 Sunset

A6 - Sunset-1

I thought I would do this one a little differently – giving you a FL sunset without palm trees or sailboat but with a little floral touch.
Since I have moved I do not see the sunsets every night and I haven’t taken the time to drive to go see them. This will change soon enough with the laundry room update completion scheduled and drapes to be hung.